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What’s going to change post Covid-19?

Post-Covid 19, everything will be different It is just about 100 years since the end of one of the most significant wars in modern history – World War One. It …

Why you should stop hiring friends

Stop buying products or services SIMPLY because they are being sold by friends, relatives, or close associates and not for the VALUE the product offers. I buried that feeling of …

How Much Data are Companies Harvesting From Your Devices?

Does your online privacy matter? Recent conversations I have had with friends have prompted me to do this piece; But before we go far, just how much data are apps …

Chuma ya Doshi campaign: 2 lessons picked

Chuma ya Doshi campaign has been a very successful one. Save for Tononoka Steel that has in recent years invested in some good publicity, Steel manufacturers have been aloof about …

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home appliances kenya scam

Nairobi scams: Appliances Sales Kenya

Appliances Sales has been mentioned by several people as a scam. They have a website called applianceske.com which they market through their various Facebook pages. They have several pages, all …

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sgr stations

How to use the SGR during covid 19 pandemic

Is it possible to use the SGR during COVID-19? What will happen to our tickets now? Can I still book a ticket online? What will be the cancellation procedure post-covid-19? …

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