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Imara Daima matatus

Transport options within Imara Daima Estate in Nairobi

Imara Daima Estate is a ward within Nairobi, located in Embakasi South Constituency. It borders Pipeline estate, Fedha Estate, Dolholm, Kware, and Mukuru Kwa...

Entrepreneur's Chat

job search

Why you are failing in your job search

Job search is now easy even during COVID19 scourge The internet has made job search easier, simpler and quicker than before. The truth is, getting...
covid 19

What’s going to change post Covid-19?

Post-Covid 19, everything will be different It is just about 100 years since the end of one of the most significant wars in modern history...


SGR Booking, Cancellation, & Refunds

sgr train schedule

What is the SGR train schedule

SGR train schedule for the morning intercounty and evening Madaraka Express trains in Kenya If you want to use the SGR to travel from Nairobi...
SGR ticket

What happens if I lose my SGR ticket?

It is always advisable to book your SGR ticket early in order not to miss a seat. However, like the majority of people, booking...
SGR rescheduling guide

SGR ticket cancellation during COVID

Can I cancel my SGR ticket and get a refund during COVID? After several months of lockdown, the two SGR trains are back on track....
Nairobi SGR terminal

SGR ticket booking options

Ways you can make your SGR ticket booking Have you found yourself asking what are the SGR booking options? When the SGR train was introduced...

How long is my SGR ticket valid for?

Is my SGR ticket still valid? Does an SGR ticket expire? Until when can I still use my SGR ticket? These are some of the questions all...

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