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Men love thrills, and when it comes to casual sex, they are spoilt for choice. Nowadays, tell a man to wait until marriage, and he will wonder which world you are from. This is because the environment they live in has become very hot, and it is not because of global warming. Women are dishing out sex like never before, and mostly it is just for free. The situation is so dire that it has become important for men to declare their intention before hooking up. Several men have confessed that they always let a woman know they just want a casual fling, nothing serious.

And why is it that women are not afraid of sharing men, or being the other woman? It all boils down to the lost meaning of sex. Well, while browsing the internet, I came across various sex forums where men congregate to discuss their experiences and found that the flesh business is changing fast.

Here are the places they go to get cheap Kenyan girls for sex:

1. Dating apps

This one tops in the list of places men go for casual flings. Tinder and Badoo have become places where people go to find short-term lovers. A lot of transactions take place here, with young black girls going here to look for foreign boyfriends. It is very easy to fall head over heels for someone you have never met, just because they are on their best behaviour behind a phone or computer. Most people who use these platforms work with trust, and they easily net their prey with a few smooth words. Majority of girls learned that men use these sites to get free sex and started charging for their photos.

It is not easy for you to chat a girl on Tinder or Badoo without her asking if you are rich. If you dare ask for a meetup, she will quickly ask you to send fare. If this relationship was mutual, everyone would be taking care of their transport. However, the typical man will ask for nude girl pictures immediately after saying ‘Hi beautiful.’ These platforms have turned many young girls into prostitutes, gold diggers and more. Every picture sent via these apps costs money.

Tinder has already introduced a policy for paying to view more pictures, and Badoo has credits for those who are looking for ‘advanced’ options. Escorts have created profiles purely for transacting, and this has become a major trading ground for adult services. If your man has been hiding his statements from you, it is because of the money he has been sending to Tinder and Badoo for nudes.

2. House-help employment bureaus

A story is told of a family that had a house-help and a shamba boy. While the man of the house was cheating with the house help, the woman was cheating with the shamba boy. And the shamba boy was dating the house help. It was a long chain of cheaters. One day the man told the girl that she was better than madam. Giggling sheepishly, she responded, “Boy (shamba) also told me that.”

For a long time, husbands would take advantage of the naive house-help from the village who could not tell the lady of the house that baba so and so was looking at her in a perverted manner.  some would even go ahead and touch, before going the extra mile of giving them the place of ‘madam.’  After a while, house-helps started looking for jobs with one chief goal in mind – to replace the wife of the house. There were actually many cases of single mums not being able to get house girls because whenever they visited the bureaus, the girls asked: “Is there a man in the house?” and if the answer was no, they refused to take up the opportunity.

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Recently, a friend told me that her house help has been searching for videos on ‘how to replace madam.’ You see, it got to the point where men realised they could either abandon their wives to start a new family with the house-helps or just start a second family. Most of the time, they would go back to their wives. Sometimes they would impregnate them and when the Mrs. found out the man responsible, chase the girl away. That would be the end of the affair.

Well, times have changed and now these house-helps are offering their services with caution. They demand payment immediately, just like a regular call girl. Every man knows that if they want a cheap escort, they should just look for the girls in the neighbourhood. If Johny the caretaker has not wooed all of them, those in the estate are usually a good start. They usually pose as laundry ladies but when they find the man alone, also offer ‘extras’ for an additional fee. If you want to know, call a laundry girl and ask her rate. Give a man the phone and let her give her rate. The man will always get a lower rate because he can compensate in other ways, but for women, they must pay a painstakingly high price because that is all they can offer.

The demand for ‘laundry and extras’ is so high that it dominates most listings on craigslist. Here are examples of laundry job listings on craigslist:

a job listing on craigslist household section

3. Escort websites

In the past, hookers used to line up the streets waiting for clients but today, the internet has opened up a wide range of business opportunities for netpreneurs. For a while now, Kenyans’ online searches revolve around pornography and gambling. Flesh peddling has also changed with times, and call girls are now working from the comfort of their houses.

Hookers who were previously trading their wares on the streets, alongside a new class of young, learned and sophisticated sex workers have created profiles on escort directories in Kenya for clients to make appointments via phone.

Men have now found a good reason to engage in reckless sex and shamelessly cheat on their spouses without getting caught. They drop by on their way to or from work or rush to these city sex dens during the day, after all, the wife knows he’s working – some days he will leave very early or arrive very late because he dropped somewhere for fun.

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4. Craigslists

Another place where ‘token’ sellers have exploited is craigslists. In Kenya, every adult forum advises men looking for a fling to go to this classifieds website. Here, men and women come to look for someone with whom to share pleasure for a limited time. They call it sharing warmth, sleepover, no-strings-attached affair, with some seeking people who just need appreciation in a similar manner and others promising a token.

Now, these people advertise on almost every section of this free classifieds website. Below is a glimpse of ‘opportunities’ listed under the ‘all services’ section:

craigslist kenya sex

5. Social media

The initial purpose of social media was to keep friends connected. When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, his goal was to help people who knew each other stay in touch. However, the spirit of globalisation compelled people to start sending requests to people they barely knew. With it, and the feature to be share personal pictures with the online community made people start ‘appreciating’ random people on the web.  The appreciation has often been in the form of a good (flirty) comment, a like, or even a ‘love.’ However, to keep jealous girlfriends at bay, men would slip their comments into the inbox, and when chemistry allowed, continued into a fully-fledged sexual or emotional affair.

Eventually, women who craved more likes and comments started posting seductive pictures and men started asking for pictures from women who never even post their images online.  After some time, the man would find himself sleeping with a different girl every night for free. Women, however, became wise and started selling their pictures to their lusty virtual lovers. Nowadays, it’s hard to interact with a random guy on social media without him asking for nudes. This suddenly turned Instagram, Facebook, and Badoo into prostitution dens where women sell their nude photos or bodies, even as times gave way to Instagram prostitution. Other girls market their xxx videos and nude photos on Telegram messenger.

6. Brothels and spas

These are the oldest sex hubs. In Nairobi, both single and married women visit brothels to trade in sex. Spas have also been turned into brothels of sorts, with the search for massage and extras filling internet search boxes. For as low as 200 shillings, men are feeding their sexual appetites day and night.

However, changes in the hotel industry have led to a rise in pop-up brothels, where sex workers move from one city to another looking for clients courtesy of Airbnb and internet hookup websites.

7. Campus slay queens

Most socialites in Kenya were once sugar babes who were kept by married men for transactional sex. Others were in transactional relationships with multiple rich men. After years of saving, they broke away and started something decent while staying in the limelight. These women have inspired tons of campus girls who now feel that a girl needs to have a sugar daddy to satisfy her material cravings. They want to be the most fashionably dressed, go shopping abroad, holiday in exotic destinations, and even drive a big car. Some want a good life without working hard for it, and this has given birth to the generation of slay queens who don’t care whether a man is a thug or murderer, as long as he takes care of their financial needs in exchange for sex.

This documentary by BBC about sugar dating in Kenya will give you a clear picture.

8. Pubs and restaurants

When travelers are looking for free or cheap sex, they are often referred to as waitresses. Most waitresses have been trained to dress in a seductive manner. Their tops have plunging necklines and their skirts end before they start. While some innocently found themselves in this mess, others are on a mission: to find friends with benefits. They say that their pay is little and thus must supplement their incomes sleeping with men for pay. Some believe this is the fastest way to get a husband or foreign boyfriend, but the majority of customers who leave their numbers are just looking for free sex. The quick ones always quote their price before the meeting, while the naive ones will be offered shopping. It is said that if you spot a girl sipping soda alone in the bar at night, she is likely to be waiting for a customer.

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Strip clubs are also mushrooming everywhere, with some moving to the estates where they organise stag parties. Most clubs in town start the strip dances once it clocks midnight, with some treating revelers to free live sex shows.  In fact, some strip clubs in Kibera are said to reward one lucky man with a free steamy session on stage.

9. On the streets

Despite the technological advancements, hookers still flock to the streets. There are various red-light districts in the main cities, where women show up every night to look for clients. The most notorious ones include K-Street in Nairobi, Mama Ngina in Mombasa, and Kanu street in Nakuru. In Thika, the hookers offer their services in broad daylight, sometimes making it hard for clients to access shops in certain streets.

Then there are promo ladies on the streets who just wait till a guy asks them out for lunch or dinner and supermarket attendants who don’t hesitate when a guy invites them for a drink at his place.

10. Within your social circles

In any social setting, there is always that girl who secretly wants to sleep with you. The polite way of saying it is ‘I want to have your baby.’ She could be a colleague at work, your neighbour at home, your girlfriend’s friend/sister/cousin, your friend’s girlfriend/wife/sister/cousin, a member of your church, or a salesgirl at a shop you frequent. She can actually tell you that she just wants to sleep with you – without any strings attached! Men call it zero-grazing, and few turn these offers down even if they come loaded with herpes.

In conclusion, technology and economic hardships have made it so easy for people to get into illicit sexual affairs. Men are using technology to find girls for free sex, and women have realised that casual hookups could be a viable stream of extra income. If you introduce a man to your friends or family and then spot some shy face or long glare, chances are high that they have seen each other naked.

What has your experience been? Share in the comments box below.

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