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4 secrets Nairobi guys hide from women


There are very few things that last in this city, and romantic relationships are among them. Dating a Nairobi guy can be fun, but it can also be a challenge. The average Nairobi guy has seen more butts than his own birthdays. They often start in the pub, on Badoo or in the matatu. They last no more than ice cream.

Here are things you need to know before dating a Nairobi guy:

#1: He may not be single

Ever since the government legalised polygamy and team mafisi became an official Sacco, men have taken it to the next level.

Majority of men also dreaming of making a lot of money so they can become sponsors. They like keeping a naive woman home as a wife, and sponsoring a slay queen who can accompany them on ‘business trips.’ Those who don’t have slay queens like to hire travel companions or escorts online.

By the time you are meeting a man, he is either coming from his wife, girlfriend, side dish or escort. He could also be somebody’s Ben10. It is up to you to decide whether and how to continue seeing him.

#2: He doesn’t value celibacy 

Porn sites are the most frequently visited websites in Kenya. Kenyans have a great appetite for sex. Casual sex. Ironically, the number of women who visit these sites is more than that of men. While women are looking for opportunities to make money out of these sites, men are looking for opportunities to sow seeds. Broadcast method.

Apart from paid sex, women nowadays have decided to dish out the cookie to anybody with appetite. They offer themselves as one night stands – in the pubs, church, concerts, supermarket, office, social media – everywhere! Men have had so much sex that by the time his wife, sex has no meaning. He expects free sex from every woman he meets.

#3: He may hurt you

After all the entertainment he has been receiving from random women and porn websites, his sexual needs are sorted. He has a young mama fua who also cleans his boxers and gives him some. His house organisation needs are sorted. There are also those Badoo girls who visit him in turns, in addition to the one-night-stands he picks from the pub. They cook in the morning before leaving, and if he is not lucky he buys ready food from the vendor. His food needs are sorted.

When you come to his life with needs – to be loved, valued, complimented, given gifts, taken out, he feels annoyed. He misses his normal life of enjoying perks without getting involved. He may, in fact, tell you that he just wants a casual relationship with no promises. And if you show signs of settling, he will flee! And leave you with a broken heart.

#4: He will cheat on you

Emotionally or sexually. He will cheat. There are so many girls on his inbox and they are all seeking a chance to entertain him. Not all want to be his wives, but yes, they want sex, money, company etc.

Nowadays, escorts are wearing buibuis on Facebook, Badoo, Tinder or nude on a porn website he frequently visits. They may just be flirting or sending him nudes on Tinder for some credits. They may be on Whatsapp – nowadays there are many Whatsapp groups that are selling sex and to willing buyers.

Even if you are abstaining, he will cheat.

There is this story I heard of a girl who told her boyfriend that they cannot have sex before marriage because she was born again. The guy agreed to abstain with her but found himself girls to make him happy.

Have you dated a Nairobi guy, and what was your experience? Kindly share in the comments section below.

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