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I was born in the village.

I grew up in the village.

I was educated in the village.

And now, even though I work in the city, I still stay in the village.

Though different from the one I grew up in, I love the village!

My parents are not around and so I have to pay rent to continue living in this village.

There are no gardens either and so I have to buy food whenever I need to munch.

The streams that flow in this village contain effuse effluent and so I cannot quench my thirst without spending.

I do not have a home to take care of in this village and so to keep myself busy, I have to commute to the city every morning.

In this blog, I will write about life in the city, where I spend most of my active hours.

Got an interesting story about life in the city? Feel welcome to share with the world by writing me on [email protected].