Alliance High School bullying: Students forced to worship the dead


Alliance high school bullying report

Students forced to worship the dead

Alliance high school bullying goes beyond the usual flogging, hard labour and denial of food, a new report reveals.
Students interviewed by the Ministry of Education revealed that the ‘initiation’ process involved worshipping the ‘school ancestors’ and ‘swimming’ on grass.
Victims would be woken up at 3.00AM, forced to lie on the grave of the late school founder and chant some prayers.
According to The Standard, some victims were forced to hug flourescent bulbs with a whip on their backs.
The chilling Alliance High School bullying report comes hot on the heels of the departure of the school Principal, David Kariuki.
Kariuki told media that he opted for early retirement in order to pursue personal interests, but education stakeholders are citing witch hunt from the Ministry.

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