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The best homemade hair mask for damaged hair


Homemade hair mask is an affordable remedy for damaged hair. Hair masks not only improve your dull hair but also keep your hair maintenance costs low and harmful chemicals off your scalp. The common ingredients to repair damaged masks include olive oil, avocado, oatmeal and eggs. These chief ingredients are blended thoroughly with other components to prepare a fine mask for your hair. You require a 250 ml cup, a tablespoon or both for measurements and blending.

Olive hair mask is ideal for those who are seeking to boost hair growth. This mask is the simplest homemade hair mask to make. For faster hair growth, you need to blend the oil with eggs. Honey is an effective ingredient for this mask, but not essential. For each five spoons of oil, add two eggs and your homemade olive oil hair mask is ready for use. It takes approximately 15 minutes for this mask to work, so leave it on your hair for that duration before rinsing it off.

Homemade avocado mask is essential for shiny hair. Use this homemade hair mask to condition dry hair and repair split ends. The avocado works well when ripe and fleshy, blended with a spoonful of honey and a double quantity of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients into a paste. If it is creamy, your homemade hair mask is ready. For this recipe to give good results, leave it on your hair for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Oatmeal masks are made from a blend of oatmeal milk and almond oil. Add a spoonful of each ingredient and mix to make a paste. This homemade hair mask works well if you have already combed your hair before applying the mask. To get good results, leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Finally, an egg can be blended with yogurt and mayonnaise (each quarter of a cup) to make a homemade hair mask.  Mix the three ingredients till foamy, then apply evenly on hair and scalp before rinsing it off. These last two masks are ideal for dull and damaged hair. Remember to rinse your homemade hair mask off with cold water and shampoo.

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