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How to book SGR ticket online-complete guide


A step-by-step guide to book SGR ticket online

This online SGR booking guide will answer the following questions:

  1. How do I book an SGR ticket online?
  2. What payment options can I use to pay for my online SGR ticket?
  3. What do I need to book an SGR ticket online?
  4. How much does an SGR ticket cost?
  5. What is the SGR train schedule?
  6. Can I cancel my SGR ticket?
  7. How do I get a refund for my SGR ticket?
  8. What happens if I miss my trip?
  9. Can I get a free SGR ticket?
  10. Can I book an SGR ticket in advance?

How to buy an SGR ticket

If you are planning to travel to Nairobi or Mombasa using the SGR, there are various ways you can book your ticket. You can:

1. Visit the nearest SGR terminal or sub-station physically and make your booking. You need to have the official names of all passengers as they appear, dates of travel, and money to pay. You pay for your ticket either using cash, Mpesa or debit/credit card.

2. Use the USSD *639# from your Safaricom line and follow prompts. You need to have money in your Mpesa account to pay for your ticket.

3. Visit the SGR online booking portal to buy your ticket. You will need to top up your Mpesa account to pay for your ticket.

4. Book through the SGR booking line, 0709 388 888.

How to buy SGR ticket online – Step-by-step guide

1. Visit the SGR online booking portal

2. Select train type. There are two trains that operate between Nairobi and Mombasa every day. One leaves between 8.30 and 9.00 in the morning while the other leaves between 2.30 and 3.15 in the afternoon. Book the inter-county train if you want to travel in the morning and express train if you plan to travel in the evening. The inter-county train leaves in the morning and stops at the 7 sub-stations between Nairobi and Mombasa, taking approximately 6 hours to complete the trip while the express train takes about 5 hours for a non-stop trip.

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3. Select the point of embarkation (origin). The embarkation station for the express train can either be Nairobi or Mombasa. On the other hand, the inter-county train has 9 points of embarkation namely Nairobi, Mombasa, Voi, Mtito Andei, Mariakani, Miaseny, Kibwezi, Emali, and Athi River.

sgr sub-stations
SGR sub-stations

4. Choose destination. If you are using the evening train, your destination is either Nairobi or Mombasa. However, if you are using the inter-county train, you can disembark from any of the 9 stations named above.

5. Enter your departure date. Departure date can be as soon as today, tomorrow or any other day within the week. You can also book an SGR ticket up to 30 days in advance. If you want to make a round trip using the SGR, you will need to make a separate return ticket, where your current destination will be your new origin (boarding station) and return date your departure date. Therefore, you will not be able to select your SGR return date.

6. After you select your departure date, a window will open with the train details such as SGR ticket price for both first-class and second-class tickets, the number of seats available, departure time and expected time of arrival.

Once you are satisfied with that information, you will be required to select the number of passengers you wish to book for and coach type. The total ticket price for your selected number of passengers will be displayed below as shown here:

how to change your SGR ticket
How to change your SGR ticket

7. Click Book Train and enter passenger details. Enter passenger names, ID/passport number, and nationality. You can send another person to book for you. Ensure the passenger details match with those on the national identity card or passport.

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8. Enter your mobile number and email then proceed to make payment. The online SGR portal allows you to make payments instantly or later. A window will open with payment instructions. You must have a registered MPesa number in order to make the payment and complete your online booking process.

9. You will receive the paybill number, account number which is also your booking number, and amount. Once you pay, click confirm to complete the booking. Print your ticket at the station on your way.

How to book SGR return ticket online

If you want a return ticket, you need two tickets for each leg of your trip. In this case, you must make the booking twice. If there is more than one passenger on the trip, each passenger will receive a separate ticket. Do not misplace or tamper with your ticket as you will need it to board. Remember to also carry the identification document used to make the booking such as national ID card or passport as you will need it to check-in at the gate.

SGR ticket price

How much does an SGR ticket cost?

The price of an SGR ticket depends on various factors, such as age, coach type and destination. Adults pay KES 1,000 for second class and KES 3,000 for a first-class ticket from Nairobi to Mombasa or Mombasa to Nairobi. The price is lower if you are not traveling all the way, but currently, due to the COVID19 pandemic only the Madaraka Express train is working.

How much do children pay for SGR tickets

Children below the age of 11 years are entitled to a 50 percent discount on all tickets while children below 3 years of age travel for free. This means that if you are traveling first class, you will pay KES 1,500 for children aged between 3 and 11 years.

To enjoy the 50 percent discount on SGR tickets, you must specify the age of all minors in the booking. To do this, enter the ID details as parent ID followed by letter M then the child’s age. For instance, if the parent/guardian ID is 1234567, the child ID will be 1234567M09 for a 9-year-old.

If you are traveling with more than one child below 3 years of age, the other children will pay 50 percent of your ticket price. This means that for second class tickets, you will pay KES 500 for the minors below 11 years while a business class ticket will cost you KES 1,500.

How can I get a free SGR ticket?

While children below 3 years get a free SGR ticket, you qualify for only one free SGR ticket unless you can prove that the children were born at the same time as twins, triplets or quadruplets.

SGR ticket refund process

If you have made a mistake during the SGR booking process or are unable to travel, you need to cancel your SGR ticket and obtain a refund. You can then top up the balance in order to modify your SGR ticket by changing the station of origin, destination, travel date, train type, number of passengers, coach type or even passenger details.

You can cancel individual bookings up to 48 hours before travel and group bookings up to 72 hours before travel. SGR ticket cancelations and refunds will cost you 30 percent of your ticket amount.

Read more details on SGR ticket cancellation here: SGR ticket cancellation rules and refund process

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