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How to boost your happiness naturally


How to boost your happiness naturally

Modern technologies have helped rob man of happiness. Communication gadgets and social media have not played their role in connecting man. Instead, they have left us more disconnected than ever. People no longer see the need to visit each other and spend quality time together. Apart from technology, other traditional stressors have also played a part in keeping man unhappy.

Happiness hormones

Research indicates that there are 10 happiness hormones namely:

  1. Acetylcholine – responsible for the release of growth hormone, memory, alertness, appetite control and sexual performance. Sources: Liver, animal fats, almonds and avocados.
  2. Dopamine – Controlled motor movements, focus, appetite control, euphoric, feelings of bliss and pleasure. Sources: meat, eggs, almonds, cherries, yoghurt, beans, watermelons, apples
  3. Endorphins – euphoric, mood elevation, natural painkillers. Sources: Ginseng, exercise, chocolate, laughter, music, chocolate. Spicy food especially hot peppers and sex are said to boost the production of endorphins
  4. Enkephalins – Body’s natural painkiller that also reduces depression and craving. Sources: Occurs naturally
  5. GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) – prevents pain, panic, stress, anxiety. Keeps you calm, focused and responsible for maintaining control. Sources: Brown rice, liver, ripe bananas, broccoli and almonds.
  6. Melatonin – Regulates body clock by slowing down aging and promoting rest and recuperation. Sources: Bananas, tomatoes, ginger, rice, red wine.
  7. Norepinephrine – Energy, alert, happy, motivated, appetite control, sexual arousal, anti-depressant. Sources: any high protein food
  8. Oxytocin – stimulated by dopamine. Feelings of emotional attachment, desire to cuddle, sexual arousal. Sources: This love hormone is released by the brain. It’s release can be increased through touch and stimulation.
  9. Phenylethylmine (PEA) – Feelings of infatuation, bliss. Sources: High levels of this chemical is found in chocolate. Beans, meats, lentils, nuts and seeds are also good sources.
  10. Serotonin – Improved self-esteem, sleep, prevents worry, depression, and craving. Sources: Cheese, pineapples, eggs, nuts, seeds.

Tips to boost your happiness

Get married – Marriage is one of the best ways to ensure that we are connected. Apart from the ability to shoulder some life pressures, a loving companion can boost your happiness  and eventually life expectancy.

Eat well – Bad food will leave you dull. Your diet has a direct impact on your mood. Eat foods that promote the production of the happiness hormones help keep mood swings, depression, irritation, pain at bay.

Stay positive – Life is uncertain and full of bumps, but how you handle the challenges of life determines how happy you will be. Many people have had bad experiences growing up but have let them go. If you focus on the shadows, you will miss out on the sun. Look at the brighter side of life, and people. In case you are having a challenge making the right choice, get professional help.

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Avoid toxic people – People who pull you down and find faults in everything you do are not good for your health. Such people could be dealing with personality issues which if not checked can kill them. The more you interact with toxic people the more toxic you become. Love them from a distance.

Express gratitude – It is said that “Whatever appreciates, appreciates.” Start appreciating what you already have and stop comparing yourself with others. It is not your right to get anything from anyone, including your parents. Appreciate people for their kindness as often as possible and do not covet.

Workout – Exercise helps release some of the happiness hormones. Whenever you feel drained or dull, skip some rope, jog, run or engage in any other form of exercise for relief.

Get rest – Failure to get sufficient rest will make you irritable. People who do not get enough rest also have problems concentrating and making decisions. Give your body regular breaks to improve its performance and your relationship with other people.

Enjoy the sun – Science says that sun promotes the production of happiness hormone, serotonin.

Find work to do – Avoid being idle.  It is true that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you begin to notice that your siblings, workmates, partner or neighbors are changing their attitude towards you, get busy. If you have something to do, it will be hard to start thinking about things you don’t like. If you cannot find employment, create some.

Practice forgiveness – By now, you are well aware that pain and happiness do not go together. Happiness also involves staying connected and being social. This means you cannot afford to keep grudges. It is important to forgive people even when they do not ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is indeed a gift to yourself as it promotes your happiness; do not keep people hostage.

Finally, the triggers of happiness are many, and so are the triggers of unhappiness. Get some time off social media and visit friends, go on dates, attend events, sit in the sun and enjoy life. Work on your attitude and learn to find something positive in everything and everyone and eventually, happiness will come your way. Avoid anything that puts a frown on your face, and learn to smile always.

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