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The call girl I almost made my wife


I had been meaning to start a meaningful relationship with a worthy girl in the city. Years were rushing and I was terribly afraid of entering the bracket of ‘senior bachelors’. So I went to a friend who was in the process of settling down after dating his flame for only three months. He said he knew she was the one and going by the character of this lady, my friend definitely had a taste. So we agreed as they went for their weekend date out of the city, she would come with her best friend. I had gone on many blind dates but this was to be my first arranged date. We were sure her friend would turn out just like her, going by the ‘birds of a feather’ saying.

So the weekend comes and I am here palpitating like a teenager. My friend helps me buy a few items for the weekend – a few smart casual outfits, snickers, nice shorts and designer watch. He also suggested that to impress a lady, I had to buy her something expensive and so his fiancée helped me choose some nice wedges for her as she understood her taste better.

The weekend passed well and the date went just fine. She looked promising, and one who could make a good wife and mother of my children. She was sociable, conservative but with a class of her own. Through the advice of my friend, I decided to give her a try.

All my life, I was used to short-term flings and the longest I had dated did not make it past the 90-day-rule. To me, dating was just an unnecessary hustle and all the women I met seemed to be more interested in my money than me. I wondered whether there was something wrong with me, until I heard a couple of my boys confirm that women nowadays just look at what you can give them – money, shopping, gifts and holidays. Past that, you need to import from another country.

But my new girl looked very different. She was this kind of a lady who would never ask you for anything. She looked satisfied with what she had, and I thought she was a very good match as am just the mean type. The only time I spent on a chiq was in the pub on escorts, but they were sure to pay back in full later in the night. It was the way we played, and girls like that were never out of supply.

So I date this special chiq for one month, two months, three…six months. And she’s just the same – pure character and no begging business. After a year, I decide she’s proven her character and am convinced that she’s the right one to take home. I call a couple of friends and inform them of my decision and they are happy for me. They actually volunteer to cover some of my wedding expenses since I was turning 37 in just a few months.

Then one day I go to some party and guys are talking about stag night and how I should have fun before tying the knot. ‘Marriage is no joke brah, you better grab some while you still can.”

The rest of the group let out a sarcastic laugh and one guy who sat in the corner motions to his screen saying, “Come sample over here.”

He opens some website that is full of call girls and portraits of hoes are all over the place in all manner of seducing poses, complete with their location and mobile numbers. I see some familiar face and true, even the number is just the same as my boo’s. I call one of my friend’s who advises me to try the hoe-on-call. He offers to do the work for me and only go with me after they agree on the venue and price.

And the rest is history.

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