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Sex in the city: Pleasure or necessary risk?


Sex in the city: Pleasure or necessary risk?

Inside the evolving sex trade

Man is among the few creatures that have sex for pleasure. This is in addition to the chief purpose, procreation. But in a city with rising unemployment and changing times, young men and women have given sex a new role. Those who live off sex are not in it for pleasure or procreation. To the commercial sex worker, it is a business like any other.

Internet offers sex workers a safe haven

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There was a time in Kenya when police conducted swoops on the red-light districts and what started as a night of pleasure for pay ended up being another cold night in the cell. Nowadays, the internet has changed everything. Sex workers have left the streets for the sprawling online escort directories where there is some amount of security. Yet this business is not for the risk-averse.

Skills needed to play sex for pay

At her best, the average call girl is easy to start a conversation with, has good negotiation skills to convert a client and hygiene to keep the clients interested. She must be able to light a fire between the sheets and keep it blazing for as long as the client demands. The smart ones can offer just company and massage. She can go places, even cross borders to meet with clients. The lucky ones have even boarded planes courtesy of sex work, with others meeting their spouses while on call.

Risks associated with sex work

However, escort services involve physical contact with clients and most of the time these clients are total strangers. The transaction begins on the escort directory and ends up inĀ the bar or hotel room. But many things can transpire between the directory and delivery of service. Whereas the service is between willing buyers and willing sellers, some escorts have been abused in their line of duty. Some have been beaten, threatened, raped, exposed to STIs or even murdered.

Keeping sex workers safe

Is it possible then for escorts to avoid bad clients? Sex trade, like any other business, operates within a niche. It targets a specific category of people who use these services, and most of the time the escorts know their clients. Companies such as Exotic Africa has made it possible for escorts to share information about risky or bad clients. The company has set aside a team of people who follow up with escorts to ensure that they are secure, and that information about bad clients is circulated among escorts.

It is also advisable for escorts to ensure their own security by updating their friends whenever they are going to see their clients. Discretion is also advised not only in the sex trade but also any other business that involves meeting strangers.