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Where to get Covid-19 vaccine in Nairobi


Where can I get the Covid-19 vaccine in Nairobi?

In March, the government of Kenya brought in the first batch of Astra Zeneca covid-19 vaccine in a bid to protect its citizens against Covid-19.

By August 22, approximately 786,000 Kenyans had been fully vaccinated with the government targeting 10 million people by the end of the year.

Here are the hospitals you can visit for vaccination in Nairobi:

Langata sub-county Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Nairobi South Hospital
  2. Nairobi West Hospital
  3. Langata Hospital
  4. Meridian Equator Hospital
  5. St Mac’s Hospital
  6. St. Mary’s Mission Hospital
  7. South C Hospital Limited

Westlands sub-county Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. The Mater Hospital Westlands
  2. Avenue Hospital
  3. Aga Khan Hospital
  4. Nairobi Adventist Hospital
  5. Mediheal Hospital Parklands
  6. The Nairobi Hospital Warwick Outptient Center
  7. Mp Shah Hospital (Westlands)
  8. Getrudes Children Hospital

Makadara Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Mariakani Cottage Hospital Ltd in Makadara
  2. Jamaa Mission Hospital in Makadara

Starehe Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Radiant Pangani Hospital
  2. South B Hospital Ltd
  3. Juja Road Hospital
  4. Lad Nan Hospital
  5. Health Gate Hospital
  6. The Mater Misericordiae Hospital
  7. Guru Nanak Hospital

Kamukunji Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Mother & Child Hospital
  2. Dorkcare Nursing Home
  3. Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh
  4. Moi Air Base hospital
  5. Pumwani Maternity hospital

Roysambu Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Compassionate Hospital
  2. Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research
  3. St Louis Community Hospital

Kasarani Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. St Francis Community Hospital
  2. St. Francis Community Hospital Kasarani
  3. RFH Specialist Hospital
  4. Radiant Group of Hospitals Kasarani Sportsview
  5. Radiant Hospital Kasarani Annex

Dagoretti North Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Nairobi Womens Hospital (Hurlingham)
  2. Melchezedek Hospital
  3. Nairobi Womens Hospital Adams
  4. Nairobi Hospital
  5. Garden Specialist Hospital
  6. Coptic Hospital Ngong Road
  7. Better Living Hospital
  8. National Spinal Injury Hospital

Embakasi West Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Embakasi West
  2. Umoja Hospital in Embakasi West

Dagoretti South Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

Mutuini sub-district hospital in Dagoretti South

Mathare Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Jumuiya Hospital Huruma
  2. Mathari hospital
  3. Huruma Maternity Hospital

Ruaraka Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
  2. Drive-in Nursing Hospital Ruaraka

Embakasi Central Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Kayole Hospital
  2. The Karen Hospital

Embakasi East Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Bristol Park Hospital Utawala
  2. Mariakani Cottage Hospital Utawala
  3. Bristal Park Hospital

Kibra Sub-County Covid-19 vaccine centers

  1. Kenyatta national Hospital
  2. Memorial Hospital
  3. Mbagathi District Hospital

Other places to get the Covid Vaccine in Kenya Download Here

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