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Dear future husband,


I know you long for the day we shall meet, and I am sure this will be very soon.

Are you going through a hard time? Just understand that labour and pain will shape you into the gentleman I wish to spend my eternity with. My Father has His men keeping an eye on you to ensure you are refined for marriage. I pray for you day and night, and am confident that by the time we meet we shall both be mature enough to handle the pressures of marriage.

My love, I do not want you to make mistakes that could cost our marriage, and so here are tips to help you get the quick approval of my family.

First of aWinell, I want you to understand that my Father is a big person – He is the King. I was crowned a princess a few years ago and palace is my home. Since then, I have been living on royal food and drinks and so you might find me strikingly gorgeous. This should not scare you – all of us here are as beautiful, and my Father likes it that way.

The palace workers have worked on me, and thus my conduct speaks of royalty.

When you enter the Palace gates, my Brother will be standing there to receive you. The first thing He will do is to give you royal robes so you can qualify to enter the Palace. Please do not come with luggage – all guests have to leave everything at the door. In my Father’s house, we have enough supplies for us and our guests. So come empty handed and ready to receive royal goodies.


Don’t worry if you passed by the brothel or pub on your way here – I know your clothes or breathe might betray you, but my Brother won’t ask. He will overlook all your shortcomings as long as you pledge not to go back there.

As I said, the only pass you need to access my Father is the royal robes. But if you want to meet Him faster, come kneeling – right from the door to His Throne. I will be sitting at His feet listening to His sweet lullabies. Just proceed to the high table and start serving yourself of the palace delicacies. Nothing is missing in the Throne room; after you start eating, all you need is stretch your hands and my Father will always find a way of filling them up with whatever you need.

When you get my Father’s approval, we will receive His blessings and then go our way.

And when we leave, please do not fret when other men look at me admiringly.  My Father wants all of us to be beautiful and intelligent just as He is. He knows He can get more suitors for my unmarried sisters through our beauty – He loves a full house!

One final thing – once you become a member of our family, you also become a prince. This way, my Fathers riches will also become yours.

I will wait here for you till you are ready. Till then, let me continue serving in my Father’s House.

Hope to meet you soon my prince.

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