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Life can begin at 30: How to accumulate wealth without accumulating debt


Life can begin at 30 – or earlier!

You don’t have to wait till 40 to start accumulating wealth

The people I have interacted with took an average of 2 years to secure their first job. If you are not lucky to get your first job immediately after campus, you will need to volunteer as an intern somewhere or start a business. If you are planning to venture into business later, this is the right time to become a sales agent. Start selling insurance and don’t stop when you get another job. This will boost your finances a great deal.

Between 23 and 28, you will get your first salaried job. This is the time most young people want to enjoy their money drinking, partying and travelling. There is nothing wrong with these things, but if you don’t do them in a structured way, you will leave work with nothing.

Buy first car and land without taking a loan

If you are still staying with your parents, you should take this opportunity to lay the foundation for your future. Keep all the money you should be spending on rent, bills and upkeep in a scheme. This should be an average of 30,000/- per month, giving you 360,000 annually. It takes an average of 5 years to change a job. For some, it can come earlier. Assume you continue working for 3 years non-stop. You will have saved 1,080,000 /- . Now you can buy your first budget car for 500,000/- and use the rest to secure a piece of land somewhere in Ruiru, Kamulu etc – there are many places you can get land at affordable rates.

For those who are paying their bills, assume that you can save 5,000/- every month from your salary. If you are already an insurance agent, you can give yourself a target of 4 clients every month. Let’s work with an average commission of 20,000 every month. Add that to your savings. That gives you 25,000/- monthly and 300,000 annually.

Deny yourself holidays and extravagance for 3.5 years. That gives you 1,050,000/-. If you started working at 27, you will have your car and land by the time you hit 31! If you are patient enough, take a 5-year insurance policy as soon as you start working. Save your 30,000. By the end of the 5 years, you may have enough to buy you a car, land, reward yourself with a holiday, pay bride price and start a small business.


Now that you have accumulated assets, you can start working on your investments. With a car, you can travel to many places and generate more leads. In your piece of land, you can put up a greenhouse with the change left after buying your piece of land. At this point, you can team up with friends to launch a business along your field. When you pool your resources together, you will find that it is possible to launch your business. Let it pay you 5,000/- monthly during the first year, as your insurance commission goes up to 30,000/-. That’s an extra 15,000/- on your pocket every month. You can now start planning for holidays, partying,¬†enrol for a Masters program, or get a spouse and start enjoying this life together. Yes, you can defer some pleasures and live a debt-free life!

Yes, you can defer some pleasures and live a debt-free life!

Disclaimer: This advice is for people who are entering the job market. It may or may not work, depending on you. And you don’t have to use the 1 million on a car and land. You can use it to pay bride price or buy a Subaru instead of a Vitz! If you use this formula to save, you might end up with a million before 30. If you start saving at 23, you have your million at 26 and your life can start at 27! You do not have to save 30,000. You can even do 10,000 and enjoy your holidays but for your future’s sake, save something – and acquire more knowledge on how to run your future (job, business, marriage etc).

Life begins when you start accumulating wealth and stop depending on your salary.

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