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Defeat is in your mind; mind your thoughts!


On Monday someone happened to show me a picture of fire that had been lit by protesting youth in Kibera slums, and the first thought that crossed my mind was ‘the country is burning’. Normally, that is what I would have said and subsequently reported but then something held my tongue. I had just been reading a book on the seven Spirits of God, a few days after learning about the Kingdom of God (which is within us).So I  immediately remembered this verse that says “By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked” (Proverbs 11:11). As I sat down to reflect on the day later that evening, the truth about Proverbs 18:21 came to mind (Death and life are in the power of the tongue…).

Well, I just discovered that a lot of the bad things that happen to us and around us have been created by us. We create and destroy with our tongues. In the Bible we find that God created the world through proclamations. He said: “Let there be…” and it was. He gave us authority to continue doing so, but we ended up doing more damage than we could ever imagine.

Do you wonder why the more media ‘exposes’ corruption in the government, the more rampant it becomes? Yes, because of exaggeration which is rife in the sector. When statistics rank one department as more corrupt than the other, we say it is ‘riddled’ with corruption. That is not reporting, but exaggeration which the devil wisely plants in our heads to destroy our cities. Worse still, have you ever wondered why when you call in sick (as an excuse to avoid work) you somehow end up at the doctor’s lounge?

Check out the story of Ramah (1 Samuel 19) where Prophet Samuel was prophesying the whole day. You could feel the covering of God from a far, and even when Saul went there pursuing his enemy David, he had no choice but to start prophesying (to the extend that he removed his armour and lay on the floor naked before the prophets). Yes, ‘the blessing of the upright exalts the city but the mouth of the wicked overthrows it.’

Sometimes back, I used to have recurrent anemia and this is how it started. I used to take a lot of water, then one day some lady told me I needed to go for anemia check up coz ‘too much thirst is a sign of anemia’. After a few days, I started having headaches. Later I decided to visit the GP and sure, he found that my blood was low. The journey started. Whenever I had headache, I rushed to the hospital where I was always diagnosed with anemia. One day I told myself that I had excess blood. When I went to the hospital for general check-up, the GP said they would check my HB but I told him that I had so much blood that I needed to donate some. Because he couldn’t believe me (going by my history), he secretly checked the HB and to his surprise, it was in excess!

What am I trying to say? We are the ones who sabotage ourselves!

I have spoken to many unemployed people (and others in poor jobs) into securing better jobs but I end up being more zealous than tblog 1hem and hence give up. When you tell someone, “Apply for this job because it is yours” and they refuse because it looks too high for them, what do you do? I have prayed for an alcoholic to stop drinking, which he did for two weeks (normally, this would kill them if they don’t go through therapy) but when I ask people close to him they said, “He can’t stop drinking. It’s only because maybe he doesn’t have money for alcohol.” When has an alcoholic lacked money for beer?!

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There is this girl who was always frustrated by all the men she tried to date. They would just go silent after the first date and this got her worried. One day she asked me why nobody wanted to date her. I told her it’s because the right man was still on the way. You see, if you are meant to be a princess, there is no way God will allow you to settle for anything less. The devil can bring people into your life who will frustrate you until you start proclaiming defeat over yourself and thus give him the perfect opportunity to abort or delay your destiny! This applies to your career, business, family, relationships and even children.

When you feel sick and start proclaiming it over yourself, you will surely not escape. When you look at your child who got a zero in their exams and you call them dunderheads, that’s what they become. When you look at your business and say it is dying because nobody wants to buy from you, it will come to pass. When you look at a girl and say she is outside your reach, be sure she will never be yours. When you look at Germany cars and say you can’t afford to fuel and service them, believe me you will never drive one. Ask yourself why other  people can afford those things but not you. You only possess what you profess.

Defeat starts in the mind; start proclaiming what you want and beware of the deceptive voice of the enemy. If he lied to Eve, who are you to escape? The devil is crafty and gifted with extraordinary wisdom; he knows how to bring misery into your life through negative thoughts and proclamations – without your knowledge. Learn his devices and flee; do not give him a foothold but guard your heart for it determines the course of your life (Proverbs 4:23).

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