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Directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi (Updated)


How do I access the SGR terminal in Nairobi?

The SGR is a convenient and fast mode of transport for people traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa or Mombasa to Nairobi. However, accessing the SGR terminal in Nairobi is not always easy. This is because the terminal is outside town, and also there are no signs to direct people to the SGR terminal. In addition, there are no Public Service Vehicles that take you directly to the terminal during the day.

In the morning, it is easy to visit the SGR terminal in Nairobi using matatus plying the Mombasa Road route. People rushing to catch the morning train to Mombasa can board matatus headed to Syokimau, Mlolongo, Kitengela, or Athi River then alight at the SGR.

Uber drivers always got lost when trying to access the terminal long before the completion of the expressway. Today, people using matatus find it even trickier to find their way there.

Matatus directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi from town

If you are coming from town, matatus that are heading towards Syokimau, Kitengela, Mlolongo, Great Wall Gardens, Athi River, and Machakos can take you there.

Most of these matatus park at the Railways bus station and its environs. The cheapest and most convenient ones are the Kitengela-bound buses. It will cost you KES 80-100.

You can alight at JKIA or Gateway Mall then find your way to the SGR terminal. At JKIA, bodaboda riders will charge you KES 200 to the terminal (KES 50 is for the SGR askaris). At Gateway Mall, you can pay a boda boda rider KES 100-150 depending on your bargaining power. Alternatively, board a matatu headed to City Cabanas, pay KES 20, and alight at The Tunnel (SGR stage). You can walk from here or board a boda boda for KES 100 (KES 50 is for the cops at SGR). It is about 700 meters from this junction. Lastly, you can get an Uber at Gateway Mall to take you to the SGR terminal for less than KES 300.

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Personal car directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi from town

If you are driving or using a taxi from town, drive all the way to Gateway Mall. Just after Gateway, keep right ready to take a U-turn. Drive towards town and keep left. Drive past the railway station, to The Tunnel junction. Take left and drive straight for about 500 meters to the SGR roundabout. Turn right, and drive for about 200 meters. You will see the SGR terminal in Nairobi on your left.

Parking charges at the SGR terminal start from KES 200. Talk to the askaris at the gate about parking rates.

Personal car directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi from JKIA

If you are coming from JKIA, drive towards Hilton Garden Inn/Mlolongo/Syokimau. At Hilton Garden, follow the directions above. Alternatively, use the JKIA underpass and drive towards City Cabanas/Town. Keep left and take the left turn at Savannah Business Park. Drive straight until you join Old Mombasa Road. Turn left and drive straight for about 250 meters, you will find the SRR terminal on your right.

Matatu directions to the SGR terminal in Nairobi from Machakos/Kitengela/Athi River/Mlolongo/Namanga

If you are coming from Machakos, board any matatu to City Cabanas, GM/Airtel, or town. Tell them to drop you at the SGR stage/The Tunnel/Pili Center. Once you alight, board a boda boda for KES 100 or walk for 700 meters. It will take you about 5-10 minutes.

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Hope this article will get you to your destination safely. Safe travel!

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