DVD care tips

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How to take care of DVDs

There is nothing as boring as watching a DVD that has a scratch, or that has erased some data. Sometimes, it is even possible for a disk to stop playing completely that you start thinking it contained no data at all. DVDs are made using high technology that is supposed to give them a longer life, and so you should be able to use them as long as over 40 years. You need to learn how to take care of your disks in order to preserve the data they contain.
Even though poor DVD duplication method can lead to data loss, the way you handle them matters. The way you store your disks determines the duration they can keep data. DVDs are used as portable storage media for movies, music, documents, software, tutorials and other forms of data. Data stored in DVDs is more permanent than the one stored in USB disks and other types of portable media. Some DVDs are Read Only, while others are recordable. Both types of disks require the same attention, but recordable disks require some extra care in order to preserve the data.

DVD bag with zipper

Keeping your DVDs in a hot environment, moist or dusty surface can destroy them and even cause data loss. Buy a DVD bag that has enough pockets to accommodate all your disks. Ensure that the bag has a zipper to protect the disks from dust. In addition, keeping the DVDs locked up ensures that they do not slip and fall, which is a major cause of scratches. Avoid exposing your disks to direct sunlight, as this might erase the data contained in some types of DVDs.

Do not touch the shiny surface of DVD

DVDs are resistant to fingerprints, but this does not mean you touch them the way you desire. Avoid touching the disks with moist or oily hands, as this might affect the disk contents. You should be more careful so as not to touch the shiny surface.

DVD hole

Every DVD comes in the form of a circular disk with a hole in the middle. Put your index finger into this hole and then insert into the player as appropriate. Do not bang or bend the disk even when inserting it, since this can cause irreversible damage.

Wiping dust from the DVD

Sometimes the disks may collect dust right from the storage bags, but this should not bother you because it can be fixed with simple DIY procedures. You can just wipe it with a soft cloth, cotton or paper wipe. Avoid acids or strong cleaning agents as these may damage the data stored in the disk.

Scratched DVDs

It is also possible to wake up to a scratched DVD, but this does not mean that it is no longer useful. If you notice a scratch, find the most appropriate commercial products for fixing such problems. Minor scratches can be fixed using buffing and cleaning kits that are available in the market. Those kits that clean DVDs also clean CDs, and vice versa.

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