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Efficient Kenyan workers at risk


Efficient Kenyan workers at risk

Society rewards the bad people, punishes the good

Efficient Kenyan workers are hard to come by nowadays. This is because the society has started to reward the bad and punish the good. So doing bad is somehow becoming a prestigious thing. This is why theft of public funds is increasing, because even those behind Mafia House theft, NYS fraud and Eurobond scandal are satisfied that they made the right choice. Doing your job efficiently is almost becoming a taboo and the few who dare to discharge their duties efficiently risk severe punishment.

The number one endangered professional is an internal auditor. Money is indeed the root of all evil. At the root of all scandals we are facing today is money. People want money they have not worked for, hence defying the Biblical teachings about work as well as Mahatma Gandhi’s creed that discourages wealth without work.

We are all familiar with recent cases of auditors who have been killed for reporting fraud and related crimes in the city. Today I spoke to one who has been fired from an international NGO for exposing fraud involving the high and mighty in the land. He also unearthed cases of child sexual abuse by senior managers in the organization who were quick to kill the investigations.

Journalists are also known to be at great risk. Since time immemorial, members of the fourth estate have had to risk their lives to ensure that you are updated. Think about all the exposés that have happened in the past. It takes great courage to reveal the misconduct of a government official. Think about reporters who break news about war and crime. Sometimes they are even among the first-responders. Actually, every field reporter you see on the TV, hear on radio or read on the papers has to put their lives on the line in order to bring you the latest news.

Activists and members of the opposition are also not left behind. Their work involves exposing ills in the government and other institutions. Think about the ‘bloggers’ who expose ways in which some big organizations are exploiting common mwananchi without blinking, as well as those who expose the misdemeanors of senior government officials. The opposition has incessantly revealed the dirty secrets behind some government projects and actions that are not in the interest of the general public. The only thing that keeps them going amid threats is their loyalty to their country as well as passion for their job.

It is said that a live dog is better than a dead lion, and so let the few efficient Kenyans who love their country keep the system in check for the benefit of all. Even if their actions do not bear fruit in this generation, it is not in vain. After all, the Greeks said: “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” The Good Book also advises: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).”

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