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Eggshells: Why you should never throw them away


Eggshells: Why you should never throw them away

Uses of eggshells

People say they don’t like to walk on eggshells – because they break easily. But these little crunchy things can make your bones stronger!

If you have been throwing away these crunchy shells away, you are missing a big deal of nutrients; they are as important as the yolk and white.

Health benefits of eggshells

Chiefly made up of calcium carbonate crystals, egg shells not only supply your bones with calcium but also keep flatulence and constipation at bay. Calcium Carbonate is the main ingredient in your favourite antacid.

Eggshell is ingested as a powder. To make this wonder calcium supplement at home, clean your egg shells thoroughly, boil them for about 10 minutes to remove any toxins, bake them (not necessary) and when they cool down grate them into a powder.

Watch this video guide on how to make eggshell calcium: 

Other uses of eggshells

Eggshells have other uses such as:

  • Relief to sore joints
  • Cleaning greasy or stained utensils
  • Facial mask
  • Unclogging the kitchen sink

Therefore, when you beat an egg to make a snack ensure you keep the shells for other uses.

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