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Government to import doctors from India, Cuba


The government is considering hiring cheaper doctors from India and Cuba.
The doctors have been on strike for over a month following failed CBA talks.
The minimum pay for Kenyan doctors is KES 1.52 million per year, compared to KES 303,092 for the lowest paid Indian doctor, The Star reports.
The ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and Devolution in conjunction with Council of Governors are said to be developing a plan to hire foreign doctors to address the current health crisis in the country.
President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is currently in India for a state visit, was expected to discuss the proposal.
However, sources indicate that India is not comfortable sending doctors to Kenya.
Kenyan sources have divulged that flying top Indian doctors to Kenya might also be costly and currently unaffordable.
Every year, hundreds of Kenyans travel to India for specialised medical treatment due to lack of sufficient facilities.
During his visit to Kenya last year, India’s PM Narendra Modi pledged to help build a specialized cancer treatment hospital in Nairobi to serve Kenya and the region.
While addressing Kenyans living in India, President Kenyatta disclosed that Kenyatta National Hospital has already entered into an MoU with Apollo Hospitals of India on institutional capacity building particularly in training of specialist doctors and paramedics.

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