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Leaked document puts Governor Joho's political career at stake


Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho’s political career is at stake following a leaked document indicating that he is not qualified to be in office.
The document that was doing rounds on social media Wednesday indicated that the outspoken Governor scored a mean grade of D(minus) in KCSE, putting to question his academic qualifications.
KCSE certificate
This leaked document came hot on the heels of an announcement by Education Cabinet Secretary that degree certificates of students who scored below C + in KCSE will be recalled during the planned reforms in the education sector.
According to the Kenyan laws, any gubernatorial aspirant must have at least a University degree from a recognised institution.
Kenyans are divided over ‘leaked’ KCSE results, with some saying the document will not affect his political career.
Using the hashtag #JohoTheDMinusGovernor, here are some of the views:
This is Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s 1993 KCSE certificate, what if he sat for his exams during @FredMatiangi’s era #JohoTheDMinusGovernor  – Atanas
Joho with his D- is leading good life & u with your A you’re languishing in poverty. Stop being idle guys. FANYA KAZI #JohoTheDMinusGovernor – Stephen Mukangai
uthamaki is trending #JohoTheDMinusGovernor yet not mentioning that the jap govt has scored a solid E on matters corruption – Dani Altos
Grades Dont Measure Intelligence, Age Doesnt Measure Maturity. Rumours Dont Define Who We Are #JohoTheDMinusGovernor – Philemon Anthony
If it takes a D- to speak the truth, then liars and PR gurus should exchange their A’s for D-‘s. Joho Tena #johothedminusgovernor – Ben Kairu
However, the Governor’s office has dismissed the certificate saying it is fake.

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