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Happiness is your choice


Recently someone I know had an ugly incident. He left his house under the custody of his house help whom everyone knew was trustworthy. But after some weeks away, he came back only to find that the woman had made away with his 32” TV and other electronics. Now when I heard this story I was troubled. Why? This woman who was working only about 5 hours a week for KES 5,000 salary monthly just decided to give up long-term benefits for temporary comforts. The way I know this guy, if the woman asked for the things she stole, he could have just given her. Now this is the most interesting part; this guy had promised to help the woman’s son secure a job as he waits to join college – this guy by the way doesn’t backtrack on his promises. Her behaviour sounds ridiculous, right?

Well, this is what we are always doing every single day of our lives! We decide to smoke cigarettes at the expense of our lungs – which can’t be replaced. We easily over-indulge in alcohol and risk losing our liver. We easily eat cheap junk at the expense of our hearts and overall health. We engage is reckless sexual behavior and risk losing our very lives. Should I add that most people would rather buy expensive cars with the money they ought to have invested for their future?

Now this is the most ridiculous sacrifice  we make – eternal life! Majority of the people I speak to fear giving their lives to Christ because it will deny them the chance to enjoy free sex (Christ requires that we keep our bodies holy by not indulging in sexual sin), or shortcuts in life – you can’t bribe to win a tender  (why do you need to bribe someone when you can ask God to give it to you for free?), steal (from employer, customers or government – by the way why do you need to steal when God can supply for your needs? Just ask Him to give you the cash you need) among others.

What most of these people don’t understand is that the end is always unpredictable. If you die today, where will you go? We have developed this culture of telling the dead to rest in peace, but I tell you for free there is no resting in peace for the sinner. If you want to rest in peace when you die, you must receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour as He is the only way to eternal rest.

Are you enjoying short-term comforts at the expense of everlasting benefits? Invest your time on earth wisely if you want to rest in peace for the rest of your life. Make a choice today to pursue real happiness!

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