Hassan Joho scoffs at UhuRuto over drug menace at the Coast

hassan joho

Joho speaks about drug trafficking in Mombasa

By Gabriel Ngala
Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho on Tuesday scoffed at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto over their remarks on the drug menace at the Coast.
Joho told the President and his Deputy to clean their house first before stepping in to quell the drug menace in the County.

Joho accuses Jubilee of using drugs to kill his political dream

An agitated Joho lamented that the fight against drugs had turned into political bickering, accusing Jubilee of using it to kill his political dream.
“I am clean and these issues started early in 2013 so they can kick me out of the ballot. I am telling you that I will be on the ballot in August,” he said.
He further said that the government had failed to substantiate claims that he was involved in drug trafficking.
“They should stop humiliating me,” he urged.
The Deputy President during his tour of the Coast told all drug traffickers that their days are numbered.

UhuRutofighting Joho, not drugs

However, Joho has insisted that the government has only been making empty promises to Coastal residents and Kenyans at large.
“They have made many promises but four years down the line nothing has been done to curb the menace,” he added.
Joho said the two top leaders were only interested in fighting him politically, not drugs in the region.

Joho working hard to tame drug addiction at the Coast

He added that he had gone through a lot of struggle in his fight against drugs.
“We as County government have taken over 600 drug addicts in Mombasa to rehabilitation centers where they are receiving treatment and counselling. What have the two done over the menace?” posed Joho.
He said that despite him being the Chief of the County, he has never had a formal security meeting with the County security Chair and top police bosses but he has worked with other County leaders in ensuring that the vice is tamed.
Joho reiterated that he will not be intimidated by the President and his Deputy, promising to press on and ensure that opposition takes the country’s leadership so that the drug issue can be addressed completely.

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