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Holiday travel: How to find cheap flights


Tips to get cheap flights

Holiday season flights can be very expensive. Most tourists prefer to hire a travel agent to plan their holidays, but this convenience comes at a cost. For budget travelers, convenience is a cost worth cutting.

This article will give you a guide on how to find cheap flights for your holiday.

Tip #1: Book early

December holiday is already here, and there are people who will not be able to travel due to high ticket prices. Major holidays such as Christmas and Easter are usually considered peak season and every business person hopes to make a fortune during such seasons. If you want to save on travel costs, you need to book your ticket early. You can buy a ticket for December as early as January!

Tip #2: Utilise fare comparison strategies

Whenever shopping for any product, it is always good to conduct a price comparison. One store may have a cheaper price than your regular store. This also applies to flight fares. Check the prices of various airlines and compare. You can also try different days of the week and time.

People rarely book an early morning or late night flights because it may not be convenient to get to the airport during those times. You are likely to find cheaper fares during those hours when only a few people are traveling. Similarly, there are different fares for different days of the week. For instance, if you are flying out on a Friday, or flying in on a Sunday, you are likely to pay more than if you fly during the week.

Lastly, you can use flight comparison apps and sites such as CheapOair, Expedia, Travelstart, and Farecompare.

Tip #3: Look out for airline promotions

Different airlines run various promotions and campaigns. Kenya Airways, for instance, offers discounts for every new route introduced. Emirates runs annual campaigns to promote various destinations. Subscribe to the newsletters of various airlines to stay informed about offers and sales available for various routes and save on fare.

Tip #4: Book online

Booking online saves you a lot of fees. Most airlines charge you for over the counter tickets, while travel agents may add service fee on bookings. You will save a lot of money if you book yourself. This will also give you the option of comparing flights. You can see all the fares available and book the cheapest before someone else grabs it. Always begin with the budget airlines unless you are looking for comfort. You will be shocked to find Jambojet selling a one-way ticket from Nairobi to Mombasa for KES 3,500.

In conclusion, saving on flight fare requires a lot of hard work. It is convenient to call a travel agent and leave the itinerary creation to them, but convenience costs money. If you want to save on flights, do your research and make sure you book early or as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

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