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How ‘Jesus’ killed my high school dream


Back in high school, around 2002 or 03, my school brought some UoN chaps to motivate us.

One chap who had a neatly kept afro inspired me. He was pursuing Telecom Engineering, a 6-year course he said. He went on to detail how his skill would change how future kids would speak to their parents back home in a flash of a second.

I was wowed!

telecom engineer

I wanted to become a Telecom Engineer that night. I didn’t sleep. But in the morning our Maths teacher, Jeso (Jesus) as he had been nicknamed, brought back our midterm scripts. I had 47/100. I was gutted. The afro Telecom man had said we needed an A in Maths to qualify for his course.

Jeso talked to us so badly that I gave up. That Jesus man killed my dream!

I would later turn out to be a theoretical man.

The only Engineering I came close to in life, is Social Engineering. And let no one lie to you. There’s no significant brain you need to become a Social Engineer. This muchene am writing here is what’s called social engineering.

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Sammy Mwathi is an entrepreneur and businessman operating in Kenya and Uganda. He has business interests in Fintech, Remittances, and Agribusiness. He is also a Rotarian and believes in service above self.


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