How to bake a cake without an oven


Three ways to bake without an oven

Is it possible to bake a cake without an oven? The answer is yes. First, we must agree that ovens are expensive and not everybody can afford one. Ovens are also complicated to use, and if it were not possible to bake a cake without an oven most people in the rural areas would never know the taste of a properly baked cake.

Though I grew up in the village, mum always baked a cake for my siblings and me on the eve of every birthday. I remember her whipping the eggs, sifting flour and lighting the fireplace in preparation for the baking sessions, and I am yet to taste such a delicious cake in the city.

The African woman has baked cakes for ages without an oven. Right from using firewood in the rural kitchen to charcoal stove and gas grill, there are so many ways you can bake a cake whenever you need it.

Here are some creative ways to bake without an oven:

  1. Gas stove
  2. Charcoal stove
  3. Microwave

How to bake a cake using gas stove

In order to bake a cake on your gas stove, all you need is a little creativity to prevent the batter from getting into direct contact with heat.

This means you will be required to use an extra cooking pot or pan to bake. In a big sufuria, put some sand and preheat it before inserting the mold.

Here is the procedure:

Instead of sand, you can use small stones to support the mold. Insert three small stones in a big pot, then after pre-heating it put your mold inside. Remember to keep it covered until it is cooked. This method is slow and can take longer than when using sand.

How to bake a cake using charcoal stove

After preparing your ingredients, pour them on a non-stick or greased mold then cover it with a flat lid. Fan your stove until the charcoal is red hot. Pick a few pieces of charcoal and place them on top of the lid. Remove the remaining charcoal from the stove, and insert your mold inside the kiln.

Let it bake for 30 minutes. If it is not cooked, let it continue cooking for another 5-15 minutes.

How to bake a cake using a microwave

Microwaves work best with cup muffins, but you can still use it to bake a bigger cake.

Watch this video on how to make a vanilla cake in your microwave:

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