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How to love a woman


It is a command from God and for your own interest to love the woman in your life. When you love a woman, she glows and is able to requite the love back. Here are some ways to access this love and create an amazing relationship:
Here are ways to access this love and create an amazing relationship:
1. Love yourself first
If you are unable to love yourself, you will not be able to love someone else. Loving yourself involves having a positive view of yourself called in other words high self-esteem. This will ensure that you don’t come out as needy and your love will appear genuine and accepted.
2. Tell her you love her
You need to frequently affirm her and tell her that you love her. You need to verbalize the words so she completely understands and is sure of your love. She needs you to say this all the time and not ask you. When and if she does ask, it means that you are doing badly at this point.
3. Love her unconditionally
Do not base your love for her on any condition; it is not based on any special qualities. You just love her as an obligation and duty. Your wife may have good qualities that you love in her, like say she is smart, or sexy, rich or funny. If you base your love for her on the good qualities and they go away then you are left with no reason to love her. When you love her for nothing, it becomes easier to tolerate her weakness and pass through the trying times still in love.
4. Forgive and Forget Her past
You should not allow your heart to harbor resentment and anger from her past actions. When you dwell on the past and use it to judge her, you will not find reason or motivation to love her.Women are emotional beings and in a moment of rage she may say or do something nasty like burning your favorite polo shirt. When we mess up and invite strife, the loving relationship leaves. We have to let go one. Let the bad moments go, we move on and always dwell in the present.
5. Get to know her
You must have a purpose and determination to know her. By understanding her like her love languages, you are able to minister love to her in a way and manner that she likes and understands. Woman are complex and there is no one size that fits all. Learn her unique strengths and weaknesses and help her be a better person. She will thank you for that.
6. Appreciate her
Appreciate her verbally on the things she does well and also before friends and family. Buy her gifts and cards for thanksgiving. When she knows that you love her, you can now correct her without her feeling resentment for you because her love bank is full.

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