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IEBC targets to register 520,000 new voters in Central rift region


Preparations for the second phase of the mass voter registration in the central rift region are ongoing, with biometric voter registration kits being distributed at various registration centers in the region.
Central Rift IEBC regional coordinator, David Towett said the commission is conducting stakeholders forums at the constituency and county levels with the aim of mobilizing residents to turn out in large numbers and register as voters.
“We are planning to hold stakeholders forums at county and constituency levels as one way of mobilizing people to come out and register as voters,” said Towett.
Speaking Wednesday in Nakuru town, Towett said that IEBC is targeting over 520,000 new voters in the central rift region, which includes Nakuru, Samburu, Laikipia and Baringo counties.
“The preparations for the mass voter registration in the region are so far going on well and we have already begun distributing the BVR kits to the constituencies in readiness for the exercise,” he observed.
“Our target is to register over 520,000 new voters in the 23 constituencies that form the central rift region and we have 676 BVR kits which will be used at the 2,351 registration centers in the one month exercise,” he added.
Towett said that a total of 1,548 voter registration officials have been hired to undertake the exercise in the region.
“We have 1,548 officials who are working on temporary basis and they will work with other over 50 employees who are on permanent contracts to ensure that the exercise runs smoothly,” he said.
According to the coordinator, IEBC will also recruit two voter educators per ward who will be charged with the responsibility of educating Kenyans on the importance and need of registering as voters as well as participating in the election process.
Oot of the 520,000 new voters the IEBC is targeting in the central rift region, 27,118 are from Samburu county, 81,000 Laikipia, 227,000 Nakuru and 185,000 from Baringo county.
The second phase of mass voter registration is expected to begin on the January 16th and will run until the 14th of February.

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