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Signs that he is husband material


Getting a man is easy; getting a husband is not. Many people feel that it takes only a fat wallet to please a woman, nothing more. Our columnist, Solomon Opala advises:

Quality women look for more than the man has and are not so interested in the external trappings as they are on the internal qualities. They want to date a man and not a boy who is yet to find themselves and a lot of work to be around.

Solomon advises women to look for the following traits in a husband:

A good husband has a strong character

Firstly is confidence. This is what attracts a lady most because it shows her that you know what you want in life and go for it. It reveals that you are good in your game or field and you are somebody she can trust. It means that you are not wishy-washy about life and your identity and you are successful or on your way there.

Secondly, what really attracts ladies is strength of character. This means that you are solid in your beliefs and can be depended upon. It reveals that you are man enough and unapologetic about your choices in life and very predictable in your values.

Thirdly and related to the other points is consistence. The inner man should be confident and secure with or without external wealth and success. You need to be able to command respect with or without your expensive car.

Look for real value in a husband, not material success

You should not be hiding behind his material success yet you are nothing without them. True quality is internal and not attached to wealth or material stuff. Even when stripped of your resources, your values should not change but remain the same since things don’t give you value. You are the one that gives them value. When a superstar wears a certain brand, they do not become popular because of the superstar, not because of the brand.

Lastly, the ladies are looking for someone to be a friend and confidante. Someone whom they can be sure that their secrets are safe with and who has their back. Not someone who wants to use them and then dump them for the next beautiful thing in a skirt in town. The quality woman is looking for a man with values to build a future with and not just to spend his money.

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