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INNOVATION: Kenyan making organic fertilizer from waste

Simon Njoroge Mwaura

A Kenyan scientist wants the government to adopt a modern and efficient way of recycling urban waste into organic fertilizer.

The process involves putting solid and organic waste in a furnace and exposing it to a 500-degree centigrade fire that will turn the entire garbage into fine organic fertilizer.

While burning inside the furnace, the waste is mixed with sawdust, hyacinth, and other aquatic weeds to produce the final product which is organic fertilizer.

Simon Njoroge Mwaura, the Director of Hyaquip Kenya Ltd and the brains behind the innovation said that the machine can burn at least 9 tonnes of waste per hour and can help with the waste management problem in counties while making creating jobs for unemployed youths.

Simon Njoroge Mwaura
Simon Mwaura’s machine can burn at least 9 tonnes of waste per hour

The fertilizer produced by the process has a PH value of between 7.2-10.8 and is suitable for use in coffee, tea, pyrethrum and sugarcane plantations.

According to Mwaura, the purchase and installation of a single furnace will cost KES 120 million.

He said that they will be asking the government to extend the funds charged on plastic manufactures to enable them to set up these plants across the 478 counties as a sure way of dealing with waste.

“The government has been saying that there is no solution to municipal waste but we want to show them that there is a possibility to provide a solution to it,” he said.

He said that governments can enter into Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to help with commercialization of waste management and help counties to generate revenue while keeping the environment clean.


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