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International Women's Day: Women go on strike


International Women’s Day: Women go on strike

Women are celebrating the International Women’s Day today.
This holiday was created following a proposal by Clara Zetkin during the 1910 International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen.
The aim of this holiday was to fight for women’s rights.
The first international Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911.
Initially, this holiday was celebrated on March 19 until 1913 when the day was changed to March 8.
On this day, women went on strike following the “bread and peace” strikes in Russia that opened the door for Russian women to vote.
Nowadays, women from various countries across celebrate their economic, political and social achievements on this day.
Some skip work, house chores and shopping to join the world in the global women’s strike.
The theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange.
Women from over 50 countries are participating in the 2017 global women’s march.
Women in Nairobi held a procession on Tuesday to mark the day.
In some cultures, however, it is impossible to hold such strikes.
Saudi women joined in the celebration for the first time ever this year but in Gaza strip, Hamas has banned the celebrations.

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