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Is he using you for sex?


Sex will never be equal to love, though it is one of the things guys want from any romantic relationship.

If you are a man who is serious about the relationship, you need to ensure that she does not feel as if you are using her as a sex object. Here are few tips to make your lady feel special:

  1. Learn to take no for an answer. Women have been blamed for improvising all sorts of excuses in order to avoid sex. But do you know what drives them to lie that they are having a headache or something worse? Because when they say no you do not listen. If she says she is not in the mood, respect that. Remember also that not every conversation should lead to bed.
  2. Always give her attention. Women love attention at all times, not just when you want to lay her. You need to find out what she is doing and if possible get involved.
  3. Take her out. There are guys who only ‘date’ you in his or your house. He is never available for coffee dates, hiking or just a nyama choma date. If you only visit her at her home where you can get some but are always busy when she wants to go somewhere, you have made yourself a sexual partner and reduced her to a sex object. If you plan to take the relationship anywhere, you must make her feel like she is part of your life.
  4. Buy her gifts. Happy couples will tell you that they have their own quiet dinners, holidays without kids and plenty of gifts. Gifts show that you care. If you do not spend on her while you are dating, how will you feed your family? Women are aware of a growing crop of stingy men who abandon their wives and families, so make sure you announce your stance from the word go. A man who comes to get sex and then leaves as if he was on normal duty sends the signal that sex is all that matters between the two of you. So make a choice whether that is what you want to live with for the rest of your life.

If sex is the only thing you are using to show your love for her her, she might be thinking you are only using her for sex.

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