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An interview question that could sabotage your efforts


I was looking for a driver. One, was referred to me. I interviewed him yesterday.

I asked him “Why are you leaving your current job?”

His answer.

“Hii kazi haina kakitu MTU anapata kwa barabara apart from mshahara”. (There’s nothing extra I make on the road on this job).

I said ” Pardon”

He went on to explain.

We laughed, laughed and laughed hard together.

I didn’t hire him.

Today he called me in the morning.

“Sam ni kama nilisema kitu ya ujinga Jana”.

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Sammy Mwathi is an entrepreneur and businessman operating in Kenya and Uganda. He has business interests in Fintech, Remittances, and Agribusiness. He is also a Rotarian and believes in service above self.


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