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Joho house raid: Governor calls for thorough investigations


Who conducted Joho house raid?

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has asked the police to investigate Wednesday night’s raid on his house.
Joho, who revealed that he no longer lives in the house which is located in Nyali, said that six gunmen whom he suspected were police officers raided the house while armed with AK-47s and sniffer dogs and inspected the house which is currently under renovation.
“Though I was not at the premises last night, my neighbours told me about the whole incident. That is why I have come to report the same at the police headquarters,” added Joho.
The Governor said that the incident could be a result of him telling the President the truth right on his face.
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He added that the security officers who were in civilian clothes were without a doubt after him though their intentions are still unknown.
“However, we have come to report to the police so they can conduct their investigations today. We are not here to demand more security officers,” added the Governor.
The Mombasa Governor reiterated that he does not fear being monitored by the security officers since he has not wronged anyone and has no intentions to do so.
Nilizaliwa siku moja na nitakufa siku moja my friend (I was born one day and I will die one day my friend),” an agitated Joho told journalists on Wednesday evening at the Coast regional Police headquarters in Mombasa.

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