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Joho KCSE certificate is valid, former classmates confirm


Joho KCSE certificate is valid, former classmates confirm

Governor dismisses forgery claims as Jubilee propaganda

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has dismissed claims that his KCSE certificate is invalid as Jubilee propaganda.
Joho said that those doubting his academic credentials are free to visit Serani secondary school where he schooled to confirm the truth.
The Governor who has been in a spat with the President said that he was fully aware that Jubilee wanted to victimize and put him down but they will not succeed.
Through the Mombasa County government Director of Communications and public relations Mr Richard Chacha, Joho said that it is only the Jubilee government that doubted his academic certificates.
“We know who is the source of all this. The fight began in 2013 from the Jubilee government and we are unbounded,” said Mr Chacha.

Joho has two KCSE certificates, says Shahbal

On Sunday, Suleiman Shahbal’s running mate Ananiah Mwabozah said that he has in his possession two KCSE certificates from Serani Secondary school where Joho sat his national examinations in 1992 and got a D-, disqualifying him from joining any public university in the country.
Mwaboza also claimed that he has in possession another KCSE certificate showing that Joho did his KCSE examination in 1993 and scored C- (C minus).
“So he must have forged the second one because he failed terribly in the first attempt,” claimed Mwaboza.
In response, Chacha said that they were only aware of the 1993 KCSE certificate which is valid.
“Why bluff about the issue while you know very well that you can verify with the relevant authorities? Go to Serani secondary school and confirm facts,” added Mr Chacha.
The CID Department and the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) have said that Joho’s KCSE certificates were forged.

Joho’s former classmates defend him

However, his former classmates at Serani secondary school and Kampala University in Uganda have come out to defend Joho.
Over 60 students from Serani secondary school on Monday rubbished the claims and said they were with Joho and sat their KCSE exams together.
“I am ready to testify before a court of law that Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho was my classmate at Serani secondary school,” said Yusuf Abdi Hamza, a former student at Serani secondary school.

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