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Joho KCSE results: I worked hard for my D- (minus)


Joho KCSE results: I worked hard for my D- (minus)

As Hassan Joho KCSE results continue to raise controversy, the Mombasa Governor has come out to defend his credentials.
While addressing the press on Tuesday, Joho said that his KCSE performance cannot keep him down.

Joho worked in the evening to raise school fees

He also mentioned that he came from a humble background and had to work after school in order to raise his own fees.
“Very few people can pay their own school fees… I have paid my own fees and for my brothers,” he was quoted as saying.

Changed D- (minus) to real progress

He encouraged Kenyans who did not perform well in school not to be deterred, noting that he has been able to change his D- (minus) to real progress.
“I should be an inspiration to Kenyans that not doing well in Form Four doesn’t mean the end of the road for you,” he quipped.
Joho was responding to claims that he forged his KCSE certificate to gain admission into the University of Nairobi.
Watch the press conference here.

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