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Key survival skills every city dweller should learn


The trick is not in securing the best position in the best organization. It is not even in taking evening classes in order to earn the highest in your organization. Even the rich cry, or so they say. But to survive in the city, you need special skills. Here are a few:

  1. Stay updated. Information is power, and you cannot afford to stay in the dark in the city. Everything you need to know is always communicated to you in good time. Scheduled power cuts, water cuts, traffic disruptions among others are always announced in good time. You also get to identify opportunities and technologies you can tap into and make your work easier. Consider the special skills you have – you can sell them for a fortune. All you need to know is where, how and when to sell them. Everybody possesses something special that can create them wealth, but information asymmetry ensures only a few benefit.

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