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Know your city: Kitisuru Nairobi


Kitisuru is in Westlands Constituency of Nairobi County.

Below are the Key Landmarks in Kitisuru:

Sarit Center

It is home to Sarit Center, one of the busiest and largest malls not only in Kenya but East Africa that was first opened in 1983. Here you will find all manner of stuff from teacups to hawkers. 


Runda is also found in Kitisuru Ward. An acronym for ‘Reserved United Nations Development Area’, RUNDA is one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Nairobi.


Located near Karura National Park, Gigiri is home to United Nations Environmental Programme staff. Everything is expensive and sophisticated here


Less than 10 min from CBD, Muthaiga Thigiri is a rich boy neighborhood. Magnificent mansionette, sprawling mansions and gated communities is what characterizes this leafy hood.

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