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KUCCPS revision of courses: step-by-step-guide


What does KUCCPS revision of courses mean and how do I go about it?

The KUCCPS university selection and revision of courses is not easy. While the whole process of selecting courses, placement and downloading of the university calling letters happens online, not every student understands the procedure.

After the Education Cabinet Secretary opened the KUCCPS portal last week, you might have received a notification saying “Kindly revise your choices.” You probably made your university application in high school, paid an application fee of KES 500 and are now asking questions such as:
1) Does the KUCCPS revision of courses message mean I was not selected for the courses I applied for?
2) What happened to the application I made in high school?
3) Can I apply for the same courses I applied for before the revision of courses?
4) I am qualified for the courses I applied for in high school but was not selected. What does this mean, and what should I do?
5) Which courses am I qualified for?
6) What are my cluster points?
7) Which university do I apply to?
8) How do I apply for the courses I want?
9) How do I know my revision is successful?

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What does the KUCCPS revision of courses mean?

The first KUCCPS revision of courses is for everyone who qualified to join a university or college this year. Everyone who made their application back in high school is required to do a fresh selection. The revision message you see after logging in does not mean that you are not qualified for the courses you had selected earlier.

What happened to my high school application that I made last year?

Last year, your school could have asked you to make your university application before sitting the KCSE exams. You paid KES 500 for the application form and your teachers subsequently opened a KUCCPS account for you and submitted your application.

Before the KUCCPS portal was opened for revision of courses, you saw the list of courses applied for and are wondering why you have been told to revise your choices. Well, most students apply for the courses their peers are applying for and do not even consider their passion, strengths and parental guidance when making those applications in high school.

KUCCPS does not consider those choices because you may have changed your mind or discovered a better field of study that you now wish to pursue, and so this is your chance to make the right selection of courses and university. If you are happy with your course choices, leave your choices are they are. The first call to revise your university course choices does not mean you are not qualified for the courses you had chosen.

Which courses am I qualified for?

You may be qualified for several courses depending on your performance. Different programmes have different cut off points. In the same manner, different universities and colleges have different cut off points for the same degree programme. Go to the KUCCPS login portal and login. Once you log into your KUCCPS account, you will see a dashboard that looks like this:

KUCCPS university application portal
KUCCPS university application portal

When you scroll down, you will see your cluster points against the various programmes, calculated automatically by the KUCCPS system.

All degree programmes are grouped into 23 clusters as shown here.

In order to know whether you are qualified for a certain programme, use the following guide:

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  1. Click the Programmes button in the top menu. You will see a list of all the 23 degree cluster groups. You will also see the available diploma, certificate and artisan programmes offered in Kenya. Look for the one you want to study. For instance, if you want to study law, select Cluster 1. You will see in the new window a list of cluster subjects needed for that programme (you must have done at least one of those subjects and passed), the minimum requirements as well as a list of all universities that are offering the programme.
  2. Select your preferred university. Once you scroll down, you will see something like this:
KUCCPS university selection
KUCCPS university selection

You will see a list of all universities that are offering your preferred course, and their previous cut off points for that programme. At the right side, you will see your cluster points in the second last column. In the table above, for instance, the cut off for the LLB programme at UON in 2017 was
39.710, 38.799 at Moi University, 39.299 at Kenyatta University and so on. Now, our demo student had 41.746 points and was therefore qualified to study law at all these institutions.

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However, since this year’s cut off has not been determined, it is safe to add 1-2 points to the previous year’s cut off before adding a course to the basket. For choice number 1, you will need to apply to three different institutions. Choose wisely to ensure that you do not miss a spot.

3. Review the course basket. Once you have selected all the programmes you want to apply for, click on the basket icon on the top right to review courses. Remove the ones you might have chosen by mistake and write down the course codes for the programmes you want to apply for. You need 3 choices for the top programme. For instance, if you want to do law, you can apply for the LLB degree programme as choice number 1, with choice 1a being UoN, 1b JKUAT and 1c MKU.
4. Click submit. This will bring up a menu with M-Pesa payment details and amount. If you had paid 500 shillings in school, you will be asked to pay 1000 shillings only. If it is your first application, you will be required to pay 1500 shillings.
5. Once the payment goes through, enter the MPesa confirmation code you receive in the box provided.
5. Click ‘Submit’ to submit your application/revision.

How do I know my KUCCPS revision is successful?

Once you complete the revision process, a window will pop-up with a message telling you whether your application is successful.
If you receive an error message after entering the MPesa code, close the window and click ‘Submit’ again. Do not refresh the page as your application has not yet been saved and you may lose your data.
A window will pop up with the payment details. Enter the MPesa code and click ‘Submit’ again. You will receive a message saying that your application/revision was successful. Now, wait for the KUCCPS selection process to see which course you have been selected for.


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