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Living in Nairobi: Imara Daima Estate in Embakasi


Your ultimate guide on living in Imara Daima Estate in Nairobi

When you talk about Imara Daima, one will always try to imagine how the area looks like and how it feels to stay in this estate. This article will show you the good side of Imara Daima and why you should choose to rent and even own a home in this area.

Where is Imara Daima located?

Imara Daima is a ward in Nairobi County, located in Embakasi South Constituency. It is among a few wards that are bordering Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), and at the same time having a railway station, good road networks as well as an Inland Container Depot (ICD) managed by the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA).

Below are some of the reasons to live in Imara Daima:

Housing and accommodation in Imara Daima

Imara Daima is an area with a high population of people who belong to different classes. Kings Millennium Apartments is among the most expensive facilities in Imara Daima which allows tenants to rent and at the same time purchase and own their own houses.

kings millennium apartment

I engaged Mr. Kenneth Ikiara who is the Agent for Kings Millennium Apartments to find out about the payment scheme they have and he mentioned that they allow buyers to pay a 30% deposit and later clear the remaining balance within one year. Mr. Ikiara further stated that their prices range between KES 8,000,000 and KES 9,000,000. This house ownership scheme is ideal for people with stable well-paying jobs. Other Apartments in the area include Imara Daima Estate, Villa Franka Apartments, among others.

Kings Millennium Apartment neighbourhood

For those who want to rent houses neighboring Kings Millennium Apartments in Imara Daima, monthly rent ranges between 20K and 30K for two-bedroom houses and 13K-17K for one-bedroom houses.

cheap apartments in Imara Daima

Just after crossing Catherine Ndereba Road, a road that is dividing Imara Daima Ward and Kware Ward, houses get cheaper and cheaper. From 5k you can easily get a single room and even bedsitters ideal for fresh graduates who are just settling in Nairobi or first job.

There are also good spacious 1-bedroom houses ranging from 10k-15k where middle-class employees and businessmen can start up their lives.

If you continue walking you will notice a slum neighboring Imara Daima commonly known as Ghetto where rent ranges from 2K-4K and this is where low-income and struggling youth can rent.

Shopping in Imara Daima

Imara Daima area has various shopping centers such as South field shopping mall and various mini supermarkets. Kwa Njenga Market is nearby, where you can shop for fresh farm products such as potatoes, cabbage, sukuma wiki, minji, kienyeji vegetables among others.

Imara Daima security situation

Imara Daima is an area with good security, with almost all apartments being covered by private guards. Some property managers have gone ahead to install CCTV cameras in their properties. There are two Police posts in Imara Daima where you can easily report incidents, namely Imara Daima Police post and Villa Franka Police post. Thus, your security in Imara Daima is guaranteed to the fullest.

Electricity and Water supply in Imara Daima

Imara Daima is well lit with no major inconveniences from Kenya Power. Any power disruptions are always updated on KPLC websites hence giving residents ample time to look for power backups. Some apartments such as Kings Millennium have an emergency generator that starts automatically in case of power outage. In addition, Imara Daima has piped fresh water for domestic use.

Schools in Imara Daima

Imara Daima is a ward with schools such as Riara Group of Schoos which has a Kindergarten, Primary, and Girls High School. Other schools in Imara Daima include Saint Bakhita Primary school, Anointed Academy, King Solomon Education Center off Msa Rd, and MCC Public Primary School among others.

Transportation in Imara Daima

Imara Daima is a lucky area since it is covered by almost 99% transport networks in Kenya. The only means of transport not available in this area is water. There is a metered railway line from Nairobi CBD to Imara Daima station before proceeding to Athi Rive, the SGR terminal is just a few kilometers away, and Jomo Kenyatta Airport is a few minutes away. There is a good tarmacked road network linking Imara Daima with other wards in Nairobi, through Mombasa road and enterprise road.

Last word

If you are looking for an area to settle in Nairobi, then I will recommend you to choose Imara Daima. This is an area you can take 20-30 minutes’ drive to Nairobi CBD.

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