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How long should you wait before dating again?


Is there a recommended time frame that people should wait before starting another relationship? Well, it is not impossible for Nairobians to date someone new every weekend. But that is just part of growing up. If you are in your late twenties and still jumping from one relationship to another, you need help.

Some people have waited for years to recover from breakups, while others move on almost immediately. It all depends on their ability to move on, how deep the pain was and also what they are looking for.

It is said that dating someone new immediately after breakup impairs your judgment ability, with some people hooking up just to avoid being alone. However, you can jump out of a relationship to meet the person you’ve always hoped to settle down with right at the door. In fact, you can meet your ideal mate when you are on your way out of another relationship. In this case, if you feel ready to start dating, go ahead.

While waiting to heal, there is a category of people who wait too long to move on. Some people have been single for 10 years, and they no longer know how to handle a romantic relationship. While it is good to take time to develop your character and grow yourself, it is good to keep relating because just like work, marriage requires experience. You cannot learn how to communicate with your spouse if you did not take enough time training.

You need to learn how to address, answer, treat and conduct yourself in a way that shows love for your wife and respect for your husband. You also need to learn how to fight, because healthy fighting is a key ingredient in a healthy relationship. These are learnt in dating. You don’t need to date many people; if you identify an ideal date, grow with them and improve yourself as you relate, not outside a relationship. You cannot relate perfectly when you are not in any relationship.

In conclusion, healthy relationships are built by relating to others. While heartbreak can be painful, it is not advisable to wait for too long before moving on. Dating too soon can cloud your judgment while delaying too long can render you undatable.

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