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Looking for a marriage partner? Join this profession


Looking for a marriage partner? Join this profession

We all know some professions are sexier than others but when it comes to marriage partner, your career choice plays even a bigger role.

Research, for instance, has proved that dentistry has the highest rate of people who find themselves married—at 81%.

If recent studies are to be trusted, as a dentist you need to get along with your nurse if you are to succeed in finding your rib.

A healthy relationship?

People within the healthcare industry are most likely to be married. That could perhaps have something to do with the nature of the job as well as the financial stability that it offers.

Unsurprisingly, religious employees make the top ten most likely to be married list. After all, Catholic priests aren’t allowed to get married.

Sadly for nurses, they’ve always been in the top 10 most likely to get divorced since the 1950s, perhaps this is due to the strain of the job and the unsociable hours that they face.

Artists, actors, dancers, designers and writers were all in the top ten in the 1950s, and have kept a steady presence throughout the years in the divorce list.

This could be because they tend to be liberal in their views towards social issues akin to divorce.

Artists and cooks are also the most likely to date or at least sleep with their coworkers, a trend that has been found to affect those in their twenties.

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