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Love brewed in the city


Men in the counties are busy making love to animals, while in the city women are dining on chicken feed to grow curves. It is Abraham Maslow who said that love and sex are basic needs, and so everybody has to fall in love with something – if not just a member of the opposite gender.

But love is becoming so scarce a commodity as many other necessities. The hustle and bustle of the city does not allow humans to relate as expected and so the limited free time they get they spend it with machines or creating the much needed wealth! This lifestyle is what has given birth to gold diggers and cubs which is becoming popular jargon in romantic escapades!

A good number of those who manage to get a hold of this elusive city love often end up being someone’s supplementary lover! And because we seldom understand the true meaning of love, we settle for the very least that is available.

Growing up, stories about men sharing women were popular but nowadays, it is women who are sharing men. This has gone a notch higher in the city where ‘chips funga’ is no longer euphemism for the ‘side dish’, but an anthem for those with multiple lovers.

And because a new standard for loving has been set, counterfeit love has become the order of the day. We have learnt to confess our love for each other with our lips, but our hearts are far from loving.

Though our mothers taught us that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, this is something the city woman has to take with a pinch of salt as it does not tally with the psychologist’s love math. The psychologist has taught us that it takes a man 8.2 seconds to fall in love, but who can make a meal within such a short duration?

More and more modern scholars have augmented the idea behind 8.2 seconds of falling in love by defining a man as a visual being. And this has somehow sealed some of the loopholes in lovegonomics: a lady has to look good and smell good to win the heart of her dream man!

And though they say love is in the eyes of the beholder, internet and globalization have adulterated the way we nurture, perceive and appreciate beauty. Every passing day, lovesick lasses are working harder to acquire a fairer complexion and gain an appealing stature in a bid to woo their tongue-tied prospects.

However, the harder they try, the more elusive their object of affection seems to be!

So, how can a city lady position self for true love?

I will be posting some useful tips on how and where to find it soon, so be on the lookout!

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