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Make free money hosting travelers at your home


Easy steps to convert your rental apartment or home into a hotel

Statistics indicate that Africa and the Middle East have had the least hotel occupancy rates since 2011 which recorded a low of 56.8 percent. As of 2017, this region reported 62.1 percent occupancy while Europe led with 71.9 percent. In the same year, Kenya recorded a 31 percent bed occupancy rate.

One of the factors for low occupancy rates is tied to marketing. Marketing requires a lot of investment in terms of money and creativity. People often like booking the same hotels because they are afraid of uncertainty and bad experience. They do not trust new brands. This keeps some hotels fully booked while others struggle because they do not have a name.

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However, in this era of online marketing, it is very easy to get clients. One of the best ways to boost occupancy rates is by using platforms such as Booking and Airbnb. These are known brands and people can trust the listings they see there. Listing on these platforms also gives you a chance to reach a wider audience who already trust the platforms, and most of these people will leave genuine reviews of your property after stay. If you give them a great experience, they will leave good reviews that will in turn bring in more clients.

With these platforms, you pay commission only after someone successfully makes a booking and pays you. However, you can enjoy 5 commission-free listings if you use the link below to market your property on Booking.com. If you need help listing your property, Whatsapp me on +254(0)733-149-419. Note that if you use the link on my blog, I will earn a commission but you also get some benefits.


Tips on how to make money hosting travelers on Booking and Airbnb

First, you need to know that Booking and Airbnb are marketing platforms. These companies spend a lot of money marketing your home or property. They deduct this money from your earnings from every individual booking. Airbnb passes most of their cost to the guest while Booking charges the host. Whether you are hosting in your home or want more clients for your hotel, these guidelines will help you make the most out of these platforms:

  1. Take nice pictures of your home or hotel.
  2. Write good content that will attract travelers.
  3. Ensure that your place is accessible and clean at all times.
  4. Give your guests a 5-star hotel experience. You may need to consider hiring an assistant to help with this.
  5. Ensure that the place is secure.
  6. Give your guests the privacy they need as in a hotel.
  7. Be kind to them.

If you need help listing your property or editing your existing listing on Booking and Airbnb, get in touch. To enjoy a few free bookings on Booking, use the links on my blog to create your listing.

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