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Matatu crew drugs female passengers, robs them


Nairobi – There was panic over the weekend after a story emerged of a Nissan matatu crew that drugged their passengers and then robbed them.
The story was distributed by a female victim who had boarded the KAS 253V matatu at her place of work hoping to get to town for her birthday.
Brave Karimi Mwari says she escaped due to the fact that she was sitting in the front seat next to the driver, though it was not safe there either.
Hours after the story was circulated on social media Sunday, the crew was traced at Dagoretti and arrested.
Here is her story:
“I’m outraged, angry and lost in thought. It’s my birthday and I should be having fun well I am somewhat celebrating my life being in one piece. I left work early and decided instead of going to town I take a matatu and alight at Kenyatta Hospital. So right outside my work place a mat KAS 253V comes and myself and two other ladies get in. I open the front door and so in front it’s just the driver and I. I mean after reading the story of how a lady was drugged and left for death I was taking precaution. Right? You’d think so but it wasn’t enough I guess. As soon as I’m in the mat I pick a call and return my phone into the handbag and continue staring outside filled with excitement. It’s my birthday for crying out loud. No sooner had I got comfortable with oblivion than we get to Kenyatta Hospital stage. As I start to alight the driver grabs my bag and start pulling while this guy with a kitamba on his head *Mukorino and other guys start jamming the doorway pushing me and roughing me up while another drops keys inside my tee to disrupt me. I ignore and tussle with the driver who I notice now is holding a syringe right next to my ribcage. So I thrust the bag at him and hit his nose so hard he bleeds a bit and then elbow the Mukorino guy in the balls and quickly grab my bag and jump off.
That’s when I notice my bag is open and with it my phone, cash payments from a client and cards. I check to confirm my other phone as the crowd filled with men quickly surround me trying to stop me from taking pics. I notice the girls who were seated behind look unconscious. I start shouting and my voice is drowned by men asking me to “Kanyagia story”, bloody hell.
As I try cross the road I find myself being cornered by several guys so with zero care i run across the road, I’d rather be knocked down at this rate. I run into Kenyatta Hospital and make sure I get inside the hospital. Good thing I have been there enough times so they let me in. So i call a friend who luckily is always on comp and share my icloud to track the phone as I try figure how I’ll get to the cop station.
So I go to the station and I’m kept waiting for almost 2 hours because there are other cases after which the cops have to change shift. Finally I give my statement and this cop looks really understanding. I didn’t get his name but I celebrate him. He was quite understanding. After I get my OB number he sends me to the guy I guess who would be in charge of traffic tonight and here is where I lose it. You’ve never been tested enough until you have to explain yourself to a cop who seemingly doesn’t care. After I give my ordeal he look at me seemingly unperturbed. I explain to him that I need to know the girls are fine. His response “Are you related to them”, I tell him no I don’t know them but we boarded the matatu together and they looked unconscious and I shouldn’t be related to them to actually care about their welfare. Then he dismisses me and continues chatting. I excuse myself and he tells me “kama umereport enda zako. Hio ingine si shauri yako.”
The meru in me is rising like the miraa plantations in my father’s place. I then realise if I react the wrong way I may be put in alongside other offenders ?? and go back to the reporting desk and the officer says he will help.
Kindly circulate cz I think it’s a cartel drugging people and robbing women.
I am physically fine just really shaken because I feel the matatus are no longer safe.”

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