Minimum pay: Employers gang up against Labour Day pay rise

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Employers gang up against Labour Day pay rise

Why you might not get a pay rise this year

Kenyan employers have ganged up against any plans to increase minimum pay on Labour Day.
Under their umbrella FKE, employers in the private sector decried tough economic times, saying they are working on a sustainable wage increase strategy.
“We must take into account all the factors for wage determination, including productivity, ability of our economy to create jobs, and the impact of wage increases on the ability of the informal sector to operate” FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo was quoted as saying.

Rising cost of labour chasing investors away

Tough economic times have denied workers chances of higher pay, which is usually awarded on Labour Day.
Last year, FKE successfully managed to convince the President to maintain the 2015 rates.
According to Capital News, the employers said that rising cost of labour in Kenya was a major turn off for investors.

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