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MPs hit back at Judiciary for 'gagging' parliament

Aldai MP Cornely Serem

Few days after  High court Judge Justice John Mativo ruled that sections 7 and 11 of the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, 2017 are inconsistent with the Constitution, some MPs have come out guns blazing and accused the Judiciary of suffocating their space to unmask the cartels and people crippling the country.

Speaking at Kenya Industrial Training Institute (KITI) during a tour of House committee on Trade, Aldai MP Cornely Serem said the move is likely to bring down to knees the prosecutorial powers of the Parliament in carrying their quasi-judicial powers especially on issues that border on national interests of Kenyans.

‘It is very unfortunate because the ruling has somehow done away with the privileges of the national assembly in dealing with grave issues,” he said.

Serem further said that National Assembly remains the only place where the MPs can interrogate suspects of economic crimes and other offences without getting through legal representatives in order to grill and unravel the magnitude of the committed offences.

He said that National Assembly is considering revisiting the issues and appealing the decision to allow the MPs to operate freely.

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