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Muslims divided, hold separate Eid prayers


Divisions among Muslims in Nakuru have seen them hold two parallel Eid ul Adha prayers on Tuesday.

A handful of Muslims held prayers at Afraha stadium while a majority of them assembled at Menengai high school about 500 meters away.

The Muslim association of Nakuru has been entangled in a leadership row, with a case pending in court.

The chairman of the Muslim Association of Nakuru Faizer Ahmed Nassir said that it was a great honor for the government to set aside a holiday for the Muslim community.

He said that the Muslim fraternity in Nakuru was fully in support of the fight against terrorism adding that unlike popular belief that Muslims embrace terrorism, Islam is about peace and love.

On the fight against corruption, Faizer said that the Muslim community was fully in support of the same and the President should live up to his word and leave a legacy at the end of his term.

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