anairobi aha escort relationship lessons

4 top relationship lessons from Nairobi escorts

Nairobi escorts are not just looking for a quick buck. They are girlfriends, wives, sisters, friends, colleagues at work, college girls who offer sex for pay. Some of them are very highly educated, successful businesswomen, happily married women who want to meet new people online. I interviewed a couple of these escorts and here are some of the lessons I picked:

1. Cheap sex does not exist

… and free sex is a choice.

What is the cost of sex in Nairobi?

cost of sex

Did you know how much Nairobi escorts charge for sex? My independent research has established that the most broke guy pays 2,000 for a shot, with an hour of pleasure costing men an average of 3,000 shillings. Rich guys pay up to 10,000 for a short time with an escort.

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How much it costs to sleep with your wife

Now let’s look at how much a housewife who does not have a salaried job but sleeps with her cheating husband three times a week – when he is not visiting the mistress of paying escorts for it. She will be making at least 3,000 shillings x 3 days a week x 52 weeks in a year. This amounts to almost 10,000 a week, and half a million a year. Now, if this escort gets lucky to have your child, you will pay her handsomely for upkeep.

How much is a housewife worth?

Therefore, if you are married to a woman who has given birth to your child(ren), sleeps with you every once in a while (or not), cooks for you, does house chores, supervises children as they do homework among others, you need to pay her 60,000 monthly for a daily quickie or flirting (this amounts to sex chats that escorts use to earn from men who cannot meet up), 15,000 for house chores, and 25,000 for cooking, she would be earning 100,000 monthly for housewifing. That money is enough to make her hair, buy fancy clothes for herself and look presentable enough to be spotted by a more responsible man.

Women who offer sex for free

On the other hand, if you are a woman who sleeps around with married men for free, it is your choice to remain poor. If a man is cheating with you for free, consider yourself a social worker or volunteer dump for men who want to relieve themselves of waste semen. Continue with the charity work as others mint millions from it.

2. Sex does not buy love

The reason Nairobi escorts are so successful is because they know how to woo and keep a man interested in their services. But do not be mistaken. When you pick up an escort, you must pay her because that is how she earns a living. Do not attempt to ask for free services in the name of love. Escorts are the last people to believe a man is sleeping with them because of love. Yes, there are cunning men who decide to turn escorts into girlfriends in order to continue enjoying cheap sex, but she will continue sleeping with other men for the money.

Wives who sleep with men for upkeep

In addition, some escorts are married women who have been suffering in the hands of irresponsible husbands. They choose to offer sex for money to support themselves and their children while staying with their abusive husbands for the sake of love. Others may choose to walk away from the abuse. In some countries, however, husbands send their wives to the streets to do prostitution work in order to provide for their families. They love each other, but prostitution is treated like any other job.

‘Happily married’ men who hire prostitutes

Moreover, there are married men who sleep with prostitutes daily or while traveling, and this never makes them leave their wives. Such men do not hesitate to share pictures of their ‘dear’ wives and children with the prostitutes they hire on the way, so they can see that they have beautiful families and that the relationship is only transactional.

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3. Prostitution is more rampant than thought

Nowadays, prostitution is no longer happening on Koinange street or Sabina Joy. It left the streets and redlight districts a long time ago. Prostitution in Nairobi estates is the in-thing, with modern Nairobi escorts renting furnished houses in posh estates where they host high paying clients. Some even buy own villas in discreet locations where they can meet their high-end clients away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. If you are living in a flat in Nairobi and its environments, chances are high that some of your neighbors are escorts.

Women must either sleep their way up or fight for their success

rock climbing

Prostitution has also taken over the workplace, informal work, universities, and colleges. How many unemployed girls do you know from poor backgrounds wear expensive clothes and are always traveling to meet someone outside town? Or out every night drinking money they don’t have? What about those ones that sleep all the way to lucrative positions in prestigious companies? Do not get me wrong, there are genuinely hardworking women who have struggled to the top. But the way the society is, a woman is very disadvantaged in that she must either sleep her way up or fight for their success.

Prostitution among laundry ladies and house helps

Then there are house helps and laundry ladies. If you search online, you will find a service that is now called laundry and extras. It started in the spas, now it is in our homes. There are nannies who cannot work in a home without a husband. I remember a friend telling me how her house help was asking the husband to show her how to change channels on TV, not because she didn’t know but because she wanted to be close. Then she would stay up late watching TV with the husband. When they were away, she would be searching for videos on ‘How to steal madam’s husband’ on their TV.

About laundry and extras, Nairobi’s bachelors know better. There are ladies who cannot clean your girlfriend or wife’s clothes, and if she does, they will always be done in a hurry. But the husband or boyfriend’s clothes will be done perfectly. Laundry ladies also come with clothes to change – a short or tights – when a man calls them asking for services. They also charge lower because they hope to get regular work that involves ‘extras’, where they can make an extra 2k or 5k for a sleepover.

4. Love is relative

Most marriages are a lie because hook up websites are now full of married women working as escorts, and married men looking for services. 90 percent of escort clients are married men, and this is just how the industry is.

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Because relationships have become transactional, women no longer get in a relationship with broke men, and men are now after big boobs, light skin, and big butts. Faithful people keep committing to a cheater. That is why they say in Nairobi, there is nobody’s husband. The ones that exist are community husbands.

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