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Nairobi Matatu Route Guide – GPO, Commercial and Odeon Cinema


This guide contains information on three major matatu stops namely GPO, Commercial and Odeon.

You will find information on what matatus park at those three terminals and when possible, the average fares for each destination.

GPO stage

If you have ever boarded a matatu from Ngong Road or Valley Road, you have probably heard the conductors say something like ‘GPO mwisho.’ This stage is just outside the General Post Office, opposite KCB Kipande house. Other landmarks around this stage include shell petrol station, Barclays Plaza, Nyayo house (Immigration department), Intercontinental Hotel, and Equity Bank Kenyatta Avenue. 

City shuttle, KBS, and City hoppa are the main buses that park here. You can access several estates and facilities from this stage. These are the matatu routes and their respective destinations:

Matatu route number 46

This will take you to Nairobi Hospital, Myers, DoD, Hurlingham, Chaka place, Yaya Centre, Valley arcade, Congo, Amboseli, Kawangware, BP, Nairobi women’s hospital, Waithaka, and Muthama. The average fare is 30 shillings.

Matatu route number 7/32c

This is the right bus if you are headed towards Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), Kibera, Upperhill, Community, KMA center, Mbagathi, Kenyatta market, Kasneb, Equity center (hq), German medical center, Ngumo, TSC/NTSA, Coptic, KMTC and Ayan. The fare is usually 50shilings. 4W can also take you to the same places.

Commercial matatu stage

Several matatus park between Fire station and Odeon. Some are along Tom Mboya Avenue, just outside the shops while others park behind Eastmatt. On the alley between Fire station and Eastmatt is the parking for Ganaki Sacco matatu number 108. These will take you to Aga Khan, Muthaiga, UNEP, and Gachie. The fares range from 30 to 60 shillings.

Buses to Westlands, Safaricom, James Gichuru, Uthiru, Ndumboini, and Checkpoint Gatimu

If you follow the backstreet behind Eastmatt towards Marble Arch Hotel, you will find a lot of Latema Sacco, Cosy Ltd, and Star bus vehicles that ply the routes above. Continue walking past Crown Royal office, past the Association for Physically Disabled gate. Walk on Lagos road towards Latema outside Savani’s/ St Dominic Savio’s secondary – youth and adult education. All these are the cheapest matatus you will ever get from town to Westlands, Safaricom, James Gichuru, Uthiru, Ndumboini, and Checkpoint Gatimu.

Where to board matatus to Village Market, Two Rivers, and Ndenderu

If you have already followed the directions above, you should be at Odeon Cinema stage by now. An alternative way is to use the front entry at Tom Mboya, and branch off at Beauty Point College. Walk on to the end where Runka Sacco matatu number 107 park. These matatus will take you to Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC), Village Market, Two Rivers, Ruaka, Joyland, Ndenderu, and sometimes Karura. A one-way ticket will cost you 70 shillings.

Where to board matatus to Mukurweini, Gakindu, and Muranga

While at Odeon around the stage for Village Market, walk to the other side and you will find Namuga Sacco matatus bound for Mukurweini, Gakindu-Kabuta, and Muranga. A ticket for a one-way trip will cost you 300 shillings. 

Mololine office in Nairobi- stage for Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and Busia

From the Muranga-Mukurweini stage, you need to cross the road to access the Mololine office in Nairobi, just outside Maximum Miracle Center. Here you can book a matatu to Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Busia. Remember, there are many places you can board matatus to these places, and Mololine office is just one of them.

Where to board matatus for Kileleshwa, Lavington and Strathmore

At the Odeon stage near Savani’s and next to the Village Market stage, you will see Killeton Sacco buses and matatus number 48A and 48B. These matatus and buses ply the Chiromo, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Riverside, and Strathmore route. If you want to go to the Lavington Mall, these are the best matatus to get you there. Sometimes the matatus can continue to Kawangware, but you need to ask. In addition, it is good to note that any matatu going through Waiyaki Way can take you to Chiromo, because it is just on the highway. However, if you want to go to Consolatta and Westlands, do not board these matatus. They branch off at the Chiromo Mortuary turning, opposite Mirage.

Matatu route number 11A – Highridge, Aga Khana, Stima Plaza

If you want to go to Highridge, Aga Khan hospital, or Stima Plaza, you need to board matatu number 11A. These park at Odeon just opposite Shell Petrol Station. If you don’t find smaller matatus, you will get Lopha sacco buses. The fare to these destinations is usually 40 shillings.

Matatu route number 11C – Ngara, KIE, and Pangani

Ngara is just a stone-throw-away from town, and so the majority of people prefer to walk there especially during rush hour. Besides, most matatus operating on Thika Superhighway can get you to Ngara, KIE and Pangani. Most matatus bound for Waiyaki Way and Ruaka also pass through Ngara on their way out of town. However, you may end up paying more for it. If you want matatus that specifically operate between town, Ngara, KIE and Pangani, you need to board number 11c at the Odeon terminal. You will pay 40 shillings.

Matatu route number 11D – Mt Kenya University, Avenue Hospital, MP Shah

If you want to go to Mt Kenya University Parklands Campus, Avenue Hospital or MP Shah hospital, board matatu number 11D. They are just next to 11C at the Odeon terminal. The fare rates are usually 40 shillings.

Matatus for Ruiru and Juja

Those who are going to Juja and Ruiru can board the right matatus right at the Odeon matatu stage. However, you will not have a wide range of varieties because the only Juja-bound matatus that park here are those belonging to Lopha Sacco. There are other places within the town where you can get a wide variety of matatus for Ruiru and Juja. 

Timboroa road stage 

At the junction, there is a street just next to the building hosting Beauty Point College. Here you will find many matatus that can take you to various estates within the Nairobi suburbs. These include:

Nazigi Sacco matatus route 44

These matatus are just of the road and can take you to Thika road, Utalii College, Survey, KCA University, Roasters, Mountain Mall, Safari Park, USIS, Roysambu, Zimmerman, and Kahawa West. You will be charged between 60 and 80 shillings to your destination depending on time of the day you are traveling.

Luckysummer buses

If you walk down the alley, behind the number 44 matatus you will find matatus for Luckusummer.

Route 45- Githurai 45, KU, Mwihoko

Further behind are Nawasuku Sacco buses that operate between town and Githurai 45, Kenyatta University, Bypass, Felma, Kahawa Wendani, Kahawa Sukari, and Mwihoko.

These matatus may use an alternative route to get to the final destination especially during the rush hour. So it is advisable to always ask the conductor if they will stop where you want to go especially if you alight on the way.

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