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Nairobi men beware: 8 ways she could be using you


8 Ways Nairobi women are using men

You must be familiar with campus marriages, where men attend classes as their campus wives stay in the hostel cooking and doing laundry for them.

Other entities consider this a form of gender-based violence because it only favours the man.

For a long time, men have used women for sex, home management, and household chores. But times have evolved and so have gender roles.

Women are becoming experts as far as using the opposite gender is concerned. Here are 8 ways she could be using you:

#1: She only wants your money

spoonShe will eat your money with a big spoon

Ever seen a woman’s list of things they need in a man? Top on that list is often financial stability. Even the one who lives off her parents’ stipend wants you to bring money on the table.

Nowadays men have started demanding financial stability, but then things are different on the ground.

#2: She targeted you for her one-night stand sexcapades

Dry spell is real my friend. Gone are the days men would go to the bar and look for the lonely girl sitting at a corner, buy her some drinks till she blacks out and then pretend to be a good Samaritan only to obtain free sex that night.

Girls are no longer that naive. In this era where men are scared of committed relationships, women are also targeting gullible men for quick sex. She will position herself in a vulnerable position for you to pick her up for the night. That week, her sexual needs are already met and life goes on.

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#3: She tags you along as a trophy

Even women are asked about their marriage plans after hitting a certain age. The problem is that the modern woman wants to be free in order to pursue her goals. If she is not dating, her relatives start asking uncomfortable questions. In order to put a stop to that, she will just tag along a man whom relatives can assume is her boyfriend.

#4: She wants a child

Nairobi men beware: 8 ways she could be using you 1
Chill, you are now a sperm bank

We all know that women who have not breastfed have higher chances of getting breast cancer.

Well, it is not just breast cancer. Women start developing health complications if they do not have a child at a certain age. Some of the diseases include ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, and dementia.

A woman also gets to a point where she craves a baby. If she is not dating, the easiest way to get pregnant is by targeting an unsuspecting sperm donor. You must have heard a woman say “All I want is a baby.” Well, it does not matter whether you will be present as a father or a deadbeat dad.

#5: She wants someone who can support her expensive lifestyle

Let’s get it straight: there are women who work hard to support themselves. Don’t go thinking that every rich woman around has some man somewhere financing her lifestyle. But you must have heard that joke about three men who posted a photo of the same child and captioned it: “First day at school.” It is the privilege of having three dads.

Yes, there are women who have learnt to live off men’s sweat. She will have one man pay her rent, another provide a car, another fuel for the car, another to take her out on Fridays, another to provide her monthly upkeep and another take her to exotic destinations over the holiday.

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#6: She only wants you for regular sex, legal or not

Nairobi men beware: 8 ways she could be using you 2

There is a new crop of women who are now keeping men, especially young boys who take their money and later spent it on their younger girlfriends. This has given birth to men who do not want to work hard, but need an older woman who can support them. Others are advertising themselves as Ben10’s. What is the catch? Women want proper sex from energetic young men who are willing to accept money in return.

#7: She wants you for booze

Nairobi men beware: 8 ways she could be using you 3
Toast to safe club-hopping!

A girl cannot go club-hopping alone. She needs a man who can deal with team mafisi and drive her around. Someone with enough energy to drive at midnight from Thika Road to Ngong Road, and enough guts to bribe the breathalyzer team. You will often be the one buying the alcohol too. And once you’ve had enough booze, you will drive her to her place or take her to your coach where she will crash till she is sober enough to go home. No sex, just booze.

#8: You are her personal guard

Many women know that they need a man to protect them. So if they are going to places considered danger zones, they will tag you along. Your roles will include taking her to the bar at the middle of the night when rapists are on the loose.

Do you think your female friends are using you? Please share your experience in the comments box below.


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